How Margaret Thatcher’s Christianity changed the face of Britain

Gillan, your review is appreciated and I’d honour Mrs Thatcher as a sister in the Lord and past PM. However, as a civil servant supportive of the PM’s monetary principles I was adversely affected by a ferocious drive that blinkered her ability to achieve her aims satisfactorily for all involved.
So I am not a fan. But it is heartening to learn that Margaret Thatcher’s political stance was based upon Christian beliefs, as in the personal touch recounted by His Grace Cranmer. Also from personal experience, it’s even better to know that she chose a far better and thoroughly blessed realm for her post-mortem existence.

God and Politics in the UK

I can’t deny the fact that I am one of Thatcher’s children.  I was four years old when Margaret Thatcher became prime minister and she remained leader of our country throughout almost all of my school career.  Growing up in Dorset, which was a Conservative heartland, the miners’ strikes seemed like a different world.  For us Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives were doing a good job.  Our area had high employment and from what I could gather at a young age, her policies benefitted many of those around me.  Why would you not want to vote Conservative when things were this good?

Of course things weren’t that good for everyone.  After I’d started in my first job I made friends with someone much older than me who had worked as a manager in British Coal.  When the closures came, he was given the job of firing large numbers of his workforce and…

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