Recall of ‘Recall Notice’ – an apology

Yesterday I withdrew Tuesday’s humorous presentation about sin in order to avoid any unintentional offence to those struggling with depression or fear, Christian or not.  I’d ask anyone who may have been offended to accept my sincere apologies. My reason for re-posting was because it reinforced Steve Hill’s item. Even so, a couple of insights on those issues arose during conversations yesterday and which I’d like to recount over ‘tea’ later.

As that post’s informative footer was unrelated to the original item I’m re-publishing it.:

John McTernanRegular readers of this blog will be aware of my high regard for John McTernan’s work in not only monitoring Biblically relevant news but also giving an almost scientifically documented examination of how political actions to do with Israel can affect national well-being. (See his blog at Defend/Proclaim the Faith.)

as-america-has-done-to-israel8In As America Has Done to Israel, John provides personal insights about the Great Hurricane of 21 September 1938. Known as ‘The Long Island Express’, this rapid, immensely destructive storm happened three weeks after the largest Nazi rally outside Germany took place at Camp Siegfried  near Bellport, New York.  Between those dates, Germany’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler brought down the Czechoslovakian government whilst the American president turned his back upon that nation and the Jews. Soon afterwards, the Great Hurricane headed straight for and flattened that offensive site!  (For more details click on book’s image.)

Please also see my coverage of John’s opinion in The Biblical significance of Sandy, the 2012 repetition of 1938’s scripturally significant hurricane.

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