7 great lies in church today – Steve Hill

Thank you to my friend Revd Bill of Blandford for emailing me with news of Steve Hill’s message published in Charisma Magazine and its News Blog.  I first heard him deliver it in March at the Revival Reunion of worship leaders, preachers and leaders who were in the Brownsville/Pensacola and Bay of The Holy Spirit revivals. So, it’s good to see it in print.

steve-hill-portraitAs with all Steve’s calls for repentance, it is deeply moving  and the fact of his personal ‘resurrection’ brings a poignant emphasis to the urgency of this vitally important matter. It is essential for each of us to make sure we’re in right standing with the Almighty.

Steve refers to a raft of deceptive doctrine and errors severely affecting believers’ lives, especially in the United States, namely:

  • overemphasis on prosperity
  • exaggerated view of grace
  • antinomianism – ‘anything goes’
  • deification of man (humanism)
  • challenging the authority of the Word
  • rejecting doctrine on existence of hell
  • universal reconciliation.

The full content of this message may be read here. It is directly connected with Steve’s warning given from a dread vision of a spiritual avalanche, covered earlier here.

Bill makes these observations:

Having spent a couple of weeks among believers of diverse backgrounds, it is easy to see whole areas of misunderstanding of the truths of scripture. How vital that we encourage all to focus on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.

[I’m grateful our church minister, Lindi Masters, is firmly against easy grace and taught in depth on grace and ensured familiarity with foundational teachings listed in Hebrews 6:1-3The Peril of Not Progressing is NKJV’s very apt heading for these verses!]

To listen to Steve deliver his profoundly moving message click here and scroll forward to 2hr 16min. This commences with an introduction by Revd John Kilpatrick and Steve begins in acknowledging his spiritual heritage from mentors David Wilkerson and the   English evangelist Leonard Ravenhill, whose mentors were A.W. Tozer and Smith-Wigglesworth.

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