Butties and coffee with Raymond Stock

Stock_Raymond[1]Having closed the previous post by recommending Raymond Stock, I thought to take him (rather, his paper) to lunch in the garden-room downstairs. His article had come to me from the Middle-East Forum at the end of January and had remained flagged in my in-tray – until today.

Somehow I got one of those inexplicable ‘nudges’ and saw it buried in the mass of email and checked it out. It was eminently fitting for the matters in-hand – no surprise!  Having run off a pdf-copy I read it whilst yet again munching (ham ‘butties’ on fresh bread I’d baked – and yet another coffee).

I was surprised at the excellence of Raymond Stock’s 7-page article and urge anyone wanting to be well-informed on what’s been happening to take time out and read it. It provides a solid introduction for anyone new to the issues.  For some time I’d wanted to summarise what I’d garnered about the Muslim Brotherhood.  But time didn’t open until I covered David Cameron’s claims about war with Al Qaeda, wherein I made a brief reference to Dr Mark Gabriel’s first-hand account of the MB (click for all tagged posts). This article meets my aspiration for a fuller outline account.

In view of my grave, privately expressed concerns about President Obama’s alarming  Cairo speech, I became aware many with a far better background than mine had very deep misgivings. It is encouraging to read this in-depth analysis by a respected scholar who was not only a resident of Egypt for 20 years but who also translated many Arabic works.

I am left with the impression that the US administration has either been utterly ignorant of, or else deliberately complicit in, consequential fallout from the failed ‘Arab Spring’.  Stock lays its authorship squarely on Obama.  In closing by reference to Arab history being replete with massacres of past foes at treaties of ‘friendship’, Stock concludes (emphasis added).:

We are now being asked to a banquet by enemies posing as friends, offering a meal that we have paid for with our own treasure.  This is not a banquet of food, however, but a feast of phony democracy that we have called the Arab Spring.  We shall be seated at a table that we have provided, and butchered with our own arms as we imbibe the wine of false accomplishment. Meanwhile our hosts—our erstwhile protégés—will carry on the party over our corpses.

And once more as in my earlier E-Note—written as Mursi was on the eve of winning his battle with old Mubarak appointees in the military for control last August—we again have a choice: we can either succumb to the charms of the “moderate Islamists,” or wisely begin to refuse them at last. All of the aid and recognition we give to these crafty zealots only whets their appetite for more.  Their entire history points to this: nothing they say or do, in order to fool those suspicious of them, should ever make us forget who they really are, and what they have always stood for.

If we do, then we shall have forgotten what we stand for too.

I’d ask, why are the West’s leaders and populace all acting as complete dupes?

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