The PM’s Surprising Easter Message

News from Downing Street yesterday is encouraging in the light of previous events and the spiritual power play in the ‘heavenlies’ for our nation. I’m grateful to Gillan Scott for spotting this and for recognising that its significance warranted his interrupting his break by posting the entire transcript on God and Politics in the UK.

Mr Cameron’s reference to a “Christian fight-back” is especially revealing after many believers have been calling for a stand to be taken against evil that has encroached upon this land. (Readers may recall some of my earlier posts on this here and here,     the latter now having some new links to prophetical material.)

Also, this development suggests prayers for the Prime Minister are in the process of being answered.  Let’s keep praying, especially for Godly men to draw close and that they may encourage and direct Mr Cameron towards our Lord and Saviour (whom he does not deny or reject – Matthew 10:32-33).

Post-holydays update:

Over the break for the holydays there have been a number of posts, some critical, by well-respected Christian bloggers on the PM’s message but which overlook my point. Not so much by coincidence but more the Lord’s quick nudge did I discover that Jarrod Cooper was struck by the ‘remarkable!’ slant of the message and posted its full text on his personal blog as Cameron praises the Christian fight-back!.

Maybe it needs an gifted appreciation of the prophetic to discern what’s going on?

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