Re: ‘Revelation on Israel’ prayer request

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Thank you v much indeed Martin for my early morning post!  Is this be why I’ve been ‘buzzing’ in meditation upon the Lord for the last couple of hours – and most unusually having 6.30am coffee whilst getting it into writing on pc. [Click to read his email to me.] 

Your mail is most timely and, “YES, yes, bang on!”.  In view of its importance I’ll draw attention of friends interested in Israel to it.

Of the whole 12 pages of Friday’s Koenig’s Eye View From the White House only the following ‘Top News’ unexpectedly struck me hard:

“This week had some very revealing statements that Bible believers fully under-stand have biblical significance in Israel and the Middle East. The follow news excerpts reveal that:

European countries want UN, not US, to advance Mideast peace talks (Ha’aretz article)

Britain, France and Germany would like the United Nations and European Union to co-author an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, say diplomats…”

My immediate reaction was that this is not only another clear indicator of the US’ rapidly diminishing global role but also, and far more importantly, is directly relevant to the Daniel 7 end-time vision.  Experts think the fourth beast Daniel saw is the ancient Roman Empire brought back to life as the European Union, as suggested by Rev 13:3.  Its three horns that get extracted – and thus rendered powerless!! – and replaced by the pompous little horn would be Britain, France and Germany! (Dan 7:8 & 24)

Also, the email and this news are confirmed by this Debka exclusive report of yesterday headed:  

“America’s exit from Libya ends coalition no-fly zone, military campaign.

“The United States has quietly withdrawn its air and sea assets from Libya and virtually ended its military intervention against Muammar Qaddafi’s armed forces. This action over the weekend exposed NATO and its leading powers Britain and France as badly short of the air and sea capabilities necessary for halting Muammar Qaddafi’s military advances, enforcing a no fly zone over the territory he controls or maintaining a sea blockade on Libyan ports….” [see] 

My first thoughts upon our leaders’ reaction over Libya were they don’t know what they are getting us into just because we need oil supplies if and when Iran freezes/seizes all supply routes from Arabia and Gulf – AND we can’t expect Libya’s alliance with Iran, Turkey and Russia to change as it’s already been announced in holy scripture. Did you notice how shambolic were the attempts to rescue our own people? – Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Hague each got egg of their faces!  In my opinion that was their just desserts for having ‘excoriated’ Israel over the ‘prison camp’ of Gaza and for blocking the Turkish flotilla.  Oh I forgot, they didn’t experience the Blitz in London 70yrs ago!

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