Forward: ‘Revelation on Israel’ prayer request

COPY of pre-blog email to William Koenig, editor of

Dear Bill, please see the following two emails:

The one at the foot of this thread [here] circulates a personal ‘revelation’ about the effect of USA’s handling of the situation in Libya upon Israel, and which I forwarded without comment to brethren here in UK.

My second [here] as follow-up below, refers to how your very top news item in Friday’s Eye View impacted me on that matter.

Am not sure I’d agree with the quoted reason on UK’s entering war with Muslim nation because at least one leading imam called for Gaddafi’s removal, by extreme prejudice, if I recall correctly. And a few years ago a clerical council somewhere in Mideast had to censor him and bring him to heal.

Thank you for your work, Richard

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