1980s & 2008 Prophecies of Netanyahu as PM of Israel



For My son – I have heard your voice in past years lifted up to me in the midnight hour and even in the months and the years past – when you were passed over in office, My son – KNOW THIS – THAT YOU WERE NOT PASSED OVER BY ME. For I, the Lord God of Israel – I, the sovereign God of the earth have raised you up – BY MY OWN HAND. I have raised you up and I saw the struggle in your soul – and I heard you say – it should be me – this is my role – this is my place. But I have guarded YOU JEALOUSLY, says the Lord, even as I have guarded ISRAEL JEALOUSLY. And I have kept you, son – For a SET time and a season – for the latter days For like King David I have taken you even from the sheepfold and I have raised you up for such a time and for such a PLACE and for such a SEASON I have raised you up says the Lord. For I have not raised you up not for your own sake My son – But FOR JERUSALEM’S SAKE I have raised YOU UP and as you have watched the political powers shift and sway – know this My child – I have chosen you by my own hand – NOT for the seasons of the PAST or the seasons of the immediate present but with deliberate intent I have kept you for THIS NEXT and this SOON COMING SEASON and I tell you, My son – THIS SEASON COMES SWIFTLY TOWARDS YOU I tell you, My son – this season descends SWIFTLY upon you and even as ISRAEL was born even in a day. The nation was born even in a day so, like ISRAEL the nation you are hewn from, EVEN IN A DAY – I SHALL SET YOU IN OFFICE – IN THE HIGH PLACE AS RULER OF ISRAEL YOU SHALL BE. For NOT ONE TERM says the Lord. Not TWO terms says the Lord. But THREE terms – says the Lord.

For NOT ONE TERM says the Lord. Not TWO terms says the Lord. But THREE terms. And then the time of the END. And you shall see and marvel. And you shall see that I, the Lord GOD of Israel and NO MAN has done this thing. Not by your own strength or the strength of others, says the Lord. BUT BY MY HAND. I shall set you on high. And I shall set you as a WATCHMAN over my Land as a WATCHMAN over the WALLS of Jerusalem and even like King David YOUR REIGN shall be. And it shall be JUST IN TIME says the Lord. JUST IN TIME

For your voice shall cry out against the plans of MEN. And your voice shall cry out against the strategies of the enemy. And it shall be different than before. For your voice shall roar in the White House and your voice shall roar in the United Nations and your voice shall resound even to the European Union And you shall say NO – It is ENOUGH NO – Jerusalem is OUR’S. Jerusalem is the Lord our God’s.

For I tell you, child – you shall yet see things in your day that will make grown men tremble. Remember My son – that I HAVE SET YOU – to water and nurture and GUARD my people ISRAEL and GUIDE My people ISRAEL. I HAVE JEALOUSLY GUARDED YOU TO RELEASE YOU TO REIGN OVER Israel in the time of the END. Be FAITHFUL My son. Cry out to Me for WISDOM in these coming days, My son. Honour My name among your people Israel, My son. And WHEN YOU SEE these things come to pass – REMEMBER ME says the Lord.

And I will set a flame of fire around you in your days of office And many, many, many will be the sinister schemes laid in secret against you But I shall PROTECT YOU says the Lord And you shall know my covering. You shall know my protection and you shall know My grace. And even in your personal life says the Lord, I am about to pour a great oil and balm upon you – And you shall know PEACE and REST on all sides of your personal life, My son. And it shall be My blessing upon you.

While the nations rage against you and I shall hook out the nations even those of the West that the world shall see their true intents and their evil schemes against My Land. And no longer shall their intentions remain hidden from view, says the Lord For I am roused with a holy anger against them and as you speak I SHALL SPEAK. And as you roar I SHALL SURELY ROAR FROM ZION. For you are My chosen vessel for Israel in these last and coming days.

Footnote (2018)
  • Original link to God TV item no longer available; Pauline Watford’s reminder led to above copy, courtesy Robin Rowan in A Close Look at the… (19 Mar 2015)


Reported in PS to Wendy Alec’s Prophecy on Obama – and on Netanyahu, (9 Feb 2013).

A brief PostScript to my earlier post on another development in the Obama prophecy.:

Those who read the full text of Wendy’s word may have noticed a second fulfillment could be found in the other event to which I referred.  (During his first term as Prime Minister, Netanyahu had difficulties with Bill Clinton and his bias in favour of Yasser Arafat. Perhaps his wife, as Obama’s Secretary of State, made matters worse?)

The original link via GOD TV’s webpage is no longer available but in January 2018 a copy was placed on this blog’s Prophecies & Visions hub. Wendy’s prophetic word of 2008 on Benjamin Netanyahu may now be read by clicking/tapping this link:

A few regard Wendy as a false prophet, but here we have two proven prophetic words.

Bibi’s personal friend Dr Mike Evans, gave him a word as a young man from the Lord that he would have two unbroken terms of office as Prime Minister and recommended him to then PM Begin. This was well before he went into politics!

By the way, in view of the circumstances and thanks to William Koenig, the meaning of Benjamin Netanyahu’s name in Hebrew is interesting:

Benjamin: ‘Son of the right hand’.

Netanyahu (derivative of Nethaniah): ‘Given by God’, or ‘gift of God’.

(For more information click here and here respectively.)

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UPDATED – March 2015 Israeli Elections:

Now Bibi’s won a 4th term and confounded critics, doubtlessly by the hand of God.