Prophecy Fulfilled: Troy Black prophecy “no-one wants to hear” on Trump and bananas! (USA is now BBS – Biden’s Banana State)

Having tight online schedule, especially in Spring-Summer, meant I wasn’t able to blog on this especially pertinent prophecy posted on Facebook group, which was already coming to pass. It generated a good discussion and I’ve now thanked James Baker for introducing it – LOL my September birthdate ’22’ yet again!!!

After a short introduction on prophecy basics (closes similarly), Troy begins revealing two visions about Donald Trump and the 2020 election from 5:20 time mark of his video broadcast on 11 March 2022 (auto-generated transcript follows, so bear with my editing of its formatting):

[5:50] “I was listening to worship music on my iphone i started to see this vision of donald trump sitting at his desk in the oval office so this was prior to the 2020 elections and i could see very clear this is a very vivid vision i could see his face very clear and it looked very tired and and i could tell it was christmas time in the vision because i could see a christmas tree and i could see candy canes and other decorations and there was one other interesting detail in his hand he had a banana and he was eating this banana and i actually looked this up afterwards and realized this was something that was huge on social media that i did not know about ahead of time

This is the second vision that i saw this was from september 22nd of actually 2021 so this was this last year.

I saw a vision of bananas themselves standing up and the peels coming off and then i saw that some of the bananas were coming up out of the peels entirely so i felt led of the lord to share those two visions.”

Troy then breaks it into two parts, the second of which is personal, but the first runs:

[8:00] “The lord said this specifically to me but i wrote it down he said – this may feel random but it’s not – then he said talking about trump specifically,

‘He is my chosen servant but he has become an idol in the hearts of many, including some of my messengers.’

Then he said many people are judging my prophets without knowledge of the prophetic timeline and justice the way i see it and then he said hope in me and you won’t stray you won’t go wrong in my presence because my presence to you is a consuming fire burning up all the dross of public opinion and nasty thoughts that don’t originate from my perfect throne he said perfect strangers can agree on this even when they disagree on the rest that my glory fills the whole earth and my presence is necessary for life who are these people says the lord who hear my voice and decide what is right apart from listening to what has been said they know not what they do they are arrogant and sometimes ignorant who plant seeds apart from my voice my voice at work in their hearts and minds.”

Upon hearing this, I immediately knew the significance of ‘bananas’ because I’d already blogged (without knowing about Troy) well over a year before the group’s discussion:

Only God can stop dis-USA becoming Biden’s banana republic – action is in hand!

MOREOVER, since leaving office President Trump has frequently complained about America becoming a third-world state, or banana republic.

AND as in this national leader’s reaction to yesterday’s court appearance:


Joe Biden Laughs When Asked if Indictment of Trump is “Politically Divisive” (VIDEO)

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