Are the dominoes about to fall? — John Barber

Are the dominoes about to fall? I was reminded earlier today, by Facebook, that two years ago to the day I posted on my page a link to an article I wrote earlier that day titled: “Trumpwatch 41 – when the Dominos fall”. It was to do with the November 3rd 2020 US Presidential election, […]  Are the dominoes about to fall? — JRB Publications

After his having gone down ‘the rabbit hole’ I particularly like this paragraph of John’s in which he summarises my thoughts on the progress of Biblical and modern prophesied exposure of political evil and corruption:

“I try to check out from a variety of sources (I wrote “Where to go to for news?” nine months ago and am still finding new, often unexpected, sources) and I also consider what the political prophets have to say. The challenge is an impossible one, of course, but it seems that now, more than ever, we are seeing more deeply into what is really going on, revealing things are not what once they seemed to be and with the web of corruption untangling by the day.”

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