Is Bible prophecy of ‘666 Mark’ being fulfilled in Britain – or just coincidental?

This is a most sensitive matter and I ask my readers to weigh and pray accordingly with the Lord Jesus Christ, for we are considering serious spiritual matters not the outward and inward characteristics and relationships of people for we are referring to principles in the Holy Bible and Kingdom of Almighty God:

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666. [Revelation 13:18, NJKV]

Further to previous post Bible Update: Revelation 13:16-17 Up and Running in China, which displays this screenshot from my Telegram channel of yesterday’s prophecy-related news, which subsequently shows the following items:

Lord, would you reveal yourself to our new Prime mInister In your full identity as Son of the One Living God and Lord of Lords, convict him of his sin and his need of Your saving grace. May he thereby, serve to encourage others to search for and come to One who is The Way, The Truth and the Life and into Father’s eternal Kingdom.


British Man Becomes First to Get Microchipped with Bank Card

12 thoughts on “Is Bible prophecy of ‘666 Mark’ being fulfilled in Britain – or just coincidental?

  1. Hello Richard, Not to be contrarian but I do not believe the mark is a physical thing. It is a spiritual truth just as we who have received the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are marked by the Holy Spirit so also those who deny this are marked by their acceptance of the system of the world that is to say satan. The receiving of this mark in the hand or forehead is indicative of those who by mental and physical behavior show their allegiance to that world system. But then, I am also the guy who does not believe that the Gog/Magog war refers to Russia but rather Turkey. I highly suspect that when I stand before GOD and my understanding is made full I will receive more than a few surprises. Mark

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    • I agree there’s a strongly spiritual aspect, which is the difference between serving satan or our Saviour. It must be a entirely physical attribute because it wouldn’t be able to be seen and applied – just like waving the ‘1-eyed god’ (aka phone) at a machine instead of handing over cash!


      • It certainly could be however I still think it is spiritual. It is the willingness to get chipped or move to digital currency or the chinese system of behavior control. Those of us who have the Holy Spirit guiding us will naturally refuse those systems of control which may impact our ability to buy or sell. So you could say it is the physical mark of the chip or digital currency but that is just a symptom of the spiritual disease of accepting satans world view.

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  2. I just learned a couple of days ago that Liz Truss had ties to the World Economic Forum. Maybe most people already knew this. I haven’t been up on British politics since Lloyd George, Birkenhead and Churchill. Looks pretty obvious that the Lord got rid of Liz Truss.

    If Rishi Sunak has ties to the World Economic Forum, how long will he last as Prime Minister? When you look at the history of Great Britian and people like Wycliffe, Tyndale, George Fox, John Wesley, Spurgeon and others that did great things for the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, do you think that the Lord will allow some puppet of the World Economic Forum to come into power?

    God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

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    • Most of them are WEF stooges. King Charlie Head of State ( unelected ) Sunak, PM, ( unelected ) and most of the House are Schwabs disciples. I’ve seen so many prophecies these last few years, from a complete no deal Brexit to Trump being re-electeted. Truss being like Thatcher to massive revival and normality returning to Blighty. Yet the beast system basically exists now and they just need the right chaos to implement it and the people to actually want it. I’ve just read so called prophet Dennis Cramers ‘The next 100 years’ written in 1998, and it falls short in many areas between 1998 and now, it doesn’t even mention a pandemic sort of events and how on earth we can have another 76 years with things as they are now. I think we need to stop and revaluate and start afresh, no true prophet will make a mistake, non of the prophets of old did. my other thought is why is there no Chinese prophets? The biggest church in the world, heavily persecuted and already living under a beast system. Most appear to be American with the odd Brit. No offence meant to anyone. God is still on the throne and despite how it looks he rules and His purposes in this will prevail but some prophets seem to indicate the best times are ahead of us and these covid pushers and elites will be brought to justice. I dont think so, I don’t doubt God at all, its just not really scriptural is it? How can the beast system exist worldwide and not in Britain? These are just questions I ponder and as stated sincerely no offence is meant to anyone.

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      • I am prophetic and I didn’t see the fake pandemic and the death jab global kill off coming. Maybe because it was fake. There is this pastor in Alabama who prophesied of a worldwide “pandemic” back in 2018. I corresponded for a short while with this pastor from Tasmania; he gave a message that a spirit of death was coming upon the earth–that was back in 2007.

        You asked a good question: “Why is there no Chinese prophets?” I believe there are some Chinese prophets, but they are not well-known because they are in the underground Chinese church. The communists do an outstanding job of suppressing the truth. So maybe some Chinese prophets TRIED to speak out, but were quickly shut down or maybe they were killed. Another example of Chinese communist censorship: I was hitchhiking in Idaho several years ago, and this Chinese Christian and his son picked me up. I asked him if he had read the writings of Watchman Nee. He said that he had never heard of Watchman Nee. Wow. Watchman Nee is well-known here in the States and I am guessing around the world. Satan really knows how to suppress the truth.

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  3. Chris Maylor responds to my Telegram entries:

    Dear Richard
    I agree that this is ignorance and folly, but “selling your soul?”

    No, I don’t think so my friend.

    To sell your soul, you have to reject Christ’s salvation, and I can’t see that embedding a chip does this?

    True, this is a forerunner to Mark of the Beast, when such a mark is essential, in order to buy or sell.

    And, yes, this is where the Cabal want us to be ie intimately tied to a financial system, which they control.

    But we are not there yet.

    Shadows of the Mark?
    Yes, certainly!

    But the ACTUAL biblical Mark?

    God bless you

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  4. Liz Truss is honest. She answered all questions put to her honestly. Risi Sunak never answers questions straightforwardly. He always talks round every question so he is deceptive and hiding something. They way both Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were forced out is just disgusting.

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    • Thing with Truss is she is not a great, nor even a good orator, she is no Thatcher, no Farage in that respect, her threats against Russia were so lame, why on earth we are getting involved escapes me but she would never succeed if the Spirit if the Lord wasn’t on her, it seems He wasn’t. Moses had speech problems but he had Aaron to speak and accompany him, that would not work in modern politics.


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