Pastor Wickland expands upon the Prophetic Warning

Further to  the Prophetic Warning I quickly posted on Thursday, Christopher posted this 7 minutes video:

Auto-generated (thus unedited) transcript:

hello Pastor Chris Wickland here um
that’s the video that I uploaded earlier
on today was a bit cut off and it was a
little bit rushed and hurried so I just
thought I’d just give it a little bit
more time to explain maybe what I was
saying because it probably raised a few
but basically on the 15th of August I
had this dream and in this dream it was
it lasted all night long and all night
long I just kept hearing the voice I
believe of God saying Uprising Uprising
all night long
and uh so that went on all night and
then probably near then around about six
o’clock in the morning I had this kind
of open dream open Vision thing and in
this stream I saw the opposition party
and he was he was kind of doing some
really kind of weird tricks
um which I think we partly saw yesterday
when uh labor tried to pass the uh the
fracking law and of course conservatives
wanted to vote against it and that
caused all kinds of problems and stuff
and uh in I in the dream I saw that
labor were doing these kind of weird
tricks and and it caused
um a lot of problems for the
conservatives and eventually the
conservatives were in such a mess that
um that then the opposition leader of
the labor party kierstama then tried to
trigger a general election and I don’t
know how you can trigger a general
election because probably as you know
that I’m not quite sure if there are any
laws that allow that but in the dream he
did something that tried to force it to
to be an issue so but what it did is it
backfired on him and his party but the
consequence of that where it backfired
on him is it basically then
incapacitated all of governments and not
only with the conservatives
incapacitated now labor incapacitated in
the whole house of parliament could not
do its job and could not function I
don’t know how or why and then the next
part of the dream I saw the whole of the
house apartment collapse in on itself
that’s obviously not literally but a
metaphor for you know that the fact that
the house of parliament literally caved
in on itself it was incapacitated and
then as a consequence of that then there
were literally public disruption on the
streets there was uproar it was all
manner of problems uh and there was
uprisings literally on the streets
around London there were just people
protesting there was loads of Uprising
and it wasn’t good because without a
without a government helping to run this
country this country wasn’t running and
things that needed to get done were not
and it was hurting the people hence why
there was uprising
um and so that was pretty much the dream
and and from that dream I felt that it
was important that we pray into that as
well to mitigate you know this judgment
or this chastisement that’s coming to
Britain is coming there’s nothing we can
do to stop that but even in the midst of
that that chastisement that judgment we
can ask God to mitigate some of the pain
so this Uprising you know people can get
get hurt in this it could cause all
kinds of social problems I do believe
the church has a place to pray into this
so we can mitigate some of that we’re
not going to be able to stop this from
happening I don’t believe but we are
going to be able to mitigate some of the
impact that it will have from these
public uprisings and and also you know
from the uh prophecy that I received I
think it was on the uh in the end of
July called these changing seasons or
the shifting Seasons it’s on this
YouTube channel
um that basically prophesied that would
becoming the shaking of the government
and the shaking of the things of the
economy in this country and as a
consequence of that
um the government in this land will be
brought down but then out of the ashes
of the debris of our economy and our
government would rise a new government
one that’s not based on Party politics
not labor not conservative not liberal
but actually the people that come
together to run the government uh it’s
not about me and them it’s not about
their careers and leaving a legacy
actually these people came together to
help rebuild this country because they
put the country first now this
government won’t necessarily be a
Christian government but it will have
but it will retain a
um an oldness to it in a sense it’ll go
back to older laws which would be more
judeo-christian and it will reset a lot
of the statute books in this country
from a lot of the liberal stuff that
we’ve had in this nation over the last
10 years that will be gone and uh it
will set the country back to much older
and there will be Godly men and women in
that government but they might not
necessarily be a Christian government or
Christians leading it but they’ll
certainly be Godly people in that
government and this government will be a
real blessing to this nation it will be
God’s grace to this nation for the
difficult time that we’re coming into
now from that well then I believe out of
that out of that ashes of that um that
um demise of of our systems as they
currently stand from this date there
will come something new and something
beautiful and also with the with the
collapsing of the government and the
economy obviously the church it too will
unfortunately implode on itself and uh
many of the I don’t like to say what
kind of churches but there’ll be many
churches that that will fall in this day
as well but out of the ashes of all that
a better government will come the
country will come back to a place of
relative Financial Security
unfortunately our economy will be
knocked back to that of the 1960s and
the church will rise up again there this
time more beautiful more glorious and
stronger more Orthodox as well in the
sense of Orthodox as in she follows
biblical principles rather than public
up rather than ideologies political
ideologies or agendas that are you know
that are very much the Vogue things of
the day it won’t be like that it will be
a church that’s really true to God true
to the spirit and true to the word and
moving in Orthodoxy and then it will be
a church born out of Revival and then
that’s when we’ll see this beautiful
wonderful Revival and so that I just
wanted to share those extra words
because some people might be concerned
and I might might have more questions
about what I said earlier so let’s put
this out to you so that that Vision I
had about the public Uprising was on the
15th of August
and I believe you know what we’re seeing
now in the conservatives and actually
what uh Kia stama did yesterday in
respect to the fracking bill
um just showed some of the tricks that
he was playing to try to cause the uh
uproar in the conservative party and it
did cause problems and did cause
Confusion And even today that’s probably
one of the straw that broke the camel’s
back in respect to this trust handing in
her resignation and so in our care star
is already saying you know we need a
general elect a general election and
this is kind of his plan uh whether he’s
doing this maliciously or not is by the
by the fact is the results will be the
same so watch it so when he tries to
trigger a general election and I don’t
know how they will do that but when that
happens that’s really when the beginning
of the demise of the government in this
land will begin and but remember this
all might sound rather scary in Doom and
Gloom but actually God is forewarning us
God is preparing us for what is yet to
come see if you want the good things to
come then I’m afraid the these Empires
and things as they stand which are not
good they need to come down and out of
the ashes the Phoenix will arise and
something good will come and sorry for
using the Phoenix analogy Dev it’s just
the thing that immediately comes to mind
out something that comes out of the
ashes which which lives and so uh yeah I
hope that answers a few more questions
than my last post probably raised anyway
so God bless be encouraged stay vigilant
keep the faith and keep praying God
bless bye-bye

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