Queen Elizabeth II’s Christian faith witnesses to world leaders – and peoples – at her State Funeral

A few personal impressions of a truly unique historic day:


Let us stand in agreement in Jesus’ Name and for His Glory. May a MIGHTY REVIVAL NOW BEGIN.’

Right from the outset, the gospel is forthrightly proclaimed by our Prime Minister, the Commonwealth’s Secretary-General  and the Archbishop of Canterbury (per Telegraph newsfeed):

Amanda Shiflett writes
“Quite possibly the most Heads of State, Dignitaries, and Monarchs to ever be gathered in one place at the same time, will be at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday.” – Sky News
If the Memorial Service in Scotland was any indication, the Gospel will be shared tomorrow in many ways, including scripture verses read, hymns sung (Psalm 23 and others), and many things shared about her Christian faith and the God she served.
In the Scottish service, one of the ministers quoted John 14:6 – “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No man comes to the Father except by Me”, and also spoke much about the Holy Spirit. It was wonderful, especially coming from a liturgical church service. I am praying tomorrow’s service will be the same. The Queen is said to have had a lot to do with the planning of her funeral, so I am believing she helped with what songs and verses are read.
They are saying that upwards of over 4 Billion people will be watching tomorrow’s funeral service from around the world…more than any other ever in history! That’s a lot of people who will hear the Word of God, both in verse and in song. 📖 🎶
Pray with me that hearts will be touched, pricked, and pulled towards the Lord, as many may hear the Gospel in ways they never have, while their hearts are open during this emotional time. Pray that God will use this service to bring many people to realize that He is the way of salvation & hope for this world, and that He is the only God to be served! Pray that the Words of Life will even move upon the hearts of dignitaries, sovereigns, and world leaders there at the service, including the Royal Family themselves.
Also, please pray with me that there will be no incidents or attacks on any sovereigns or heads of states, and that all will be protected during this time. They have said that they have never had to have security for this many leaders at one time, in one place.
Lord, may Your hand be seen, and may Your Spirit move tomorrow! 🙏🏻🕊
In prayer,
Amanda Shiflett – Prophetic Reformer

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II’s Christian faith witnesses to world leaders – and peoples – at her State Funeral

  1. Yes. Only problem is I don’t see the word “repentance” anywhere. The archbishop appears to believe that everyone will go to heaven because of Jesus death on the cross. I believe he has vowed never to mention hell. He said here “we will all face the merciful judgement of God”. Sorry that’s not the gospel. The gospel is repent and believe and live your life for Jesus. Jesus said “fear him who throws soul and body in hell” The unrepentant sinner who habitually sins will go to hell and without that statement there is no gospel. Bless you.

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  2. Chris MOYLER comments on his Telegram:
    My preliminary thoughts on the Queen’s funeral:

    Today, my wife and I watched the funeral of perhaps the longest serving moment in history.

    The Queen’s reign has had to weather many very difficult times, and has been badly afflicted by the marriage break ups of her children.

    Furthermore, there is the matter of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein, and the strong influence of Freemasonry, which is widespread among the UK Elite.

    So I did not know how I would react to today’s events. But now that they have concluded, I am deeply struck by the intensely Christ-centred liturgy of both services.

    Both were, by no means, over long, and both were entirely free of waffle.

    Furthermore, to my delight, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave a really excellent address, which is well worth listening to on its own. ( 3:28:15 on)

    The simple truth of today is that this funeral is probably one of the greatest gatherings of national leaders in the world’s history.

    And in a service, approved in detail by HM Elizabeth, they all participated in an hour of solid Gospel truth!

    Surely it is no accident that, at the closing of one ERA, and the opening of the ERA that will lead up to Christ’s return, that time is marked in history but such a hugely memorable event?

    I am fully persuaded that the LORD’S own hand is powerfully within these days.

    I personally do not believe that Charles III reign will be a long one. However I do believe that the LORD has promised restoration and renewal to the UK.

    And I can easily see that William and Harry will have very important roles to play.

    So it is a good thing, I believe, to pray that the Royal Family will be an integral part of the blessing, renewal and restoration, that the LORD has promised to the UK. through his prophets.

    God bless you all

    Chris xx

        .-Full version.  BBC News
    2:56:00. to  4:22:00   Westminster Abbey
    8:07:00.  to  9;01:00   Windsor Chapel

    Order of service at Westminster Abbey
      Service of Committal at Windsor


  3. The Baroness Scotland’s reading of the Scriptures was profound! She read with such feeling and wisdom that every word dropped into the atmosphere globally like drops of gold. I have never heard it read in such a way that you absolutely knew it’s meaning and import! God bless her xxx

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  4. The Word of the Lord is as a seed, Paul plants , Apollos waters but God gives the increase. Some seed falls on dodgy ground, some on good, the size of the seed matters not because a mustard seed develops into a tree that birds can nest in. If the place the seed falls or is planted is of the right condition then the seed will produce fruit, we have all seen bushes and even trees growing out of the side of walls or on top of buildings, how did the seed get to these remote obscure places? It was carried on the wind or it may have been from a berry that a bird has eaten, the bird then perched somewhere and had a number 2 and the seed was passed out and planted whilst being fertilised also and produces a tree. These little seeds planted and scattered today by various folk have gone into the ears of over two billions people globally. May the Lord of the harvest till the ground of many hearts to allow these seeds to settle ,bury down and then produce harvests all over the world but especially in the lives of the worlds elites in attendance that they can use their positions to further the Gospel. I pray especially for Charlie, may he come to the point of understanding that he must be born again and live by faith not a religious obligation, may the Lord give him wisdom and courage to walk away from dodge and to embrace the integral and best for our United Kingdom, may the Lord pour this grace upon the whole House of Windsor an as head of the church he will lead us in sackloth and ashes to national repentance. In Jesus name.

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