“God gave us – so graciously – the most wonderful example of a Christian life and death” – Archbishop Welby

Read the remainder somewhere in https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/queen-elizabeth-ii-1926-2022/ – sorry link won’t copy from phone screenshot

8 thoughts on ““God gave us – so graciously – the most wonderful example of a Christian life and death” – Archbishop Welby

  1. sorry to have to disagree but obviously either Welby has no clue what type of people the royals were and are, or he’s deliberately obfuscating the truth playing along with the DS . So much info / revelation has come out the last few years – by the way are you aware Lizzie had a twin? about the Islamic ancestry (pre Germany and Spain)

    September 12, 2022


    • Put it this way Paul, he has a great advantage over you and me of having known her personally. So I think it’s wiser not to judge, as Jesus instructs, nor to gainsay what those who met her say, such as those in this morning’s small meeting of remembrance, especially my wife whom the Queen invited to a celebration and who’s got the gift of discerning spirits.

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    • Im not sure how having Islamic ancestry is relevant, every former muslim who turns to Christ has Islamic ancestry, does having buddist or atheist ancestry somehow imply something dodgy? Pre Germany and Spain, if you are referring to ancestry then yes, they have the blood of various royal houses because since time immemorial Kings and Queens have intermarried and formed alliances. You can read about it in the Bible, in whatever history book you choose to read, even our own Anglo Saxon chronicles. You are however correct in the Royals certainly have some right dodgepots within their family now and in the past but so do you and so do I, I certainly do as I was once one of them before Jesus Christ shone His light into my heart. As a republican I can only testify that HM Liz 2 from what I’ve seen and heard and from her personal pastor of many years Gavin Ashendon ( probably spelled wrong ) she knew Christ as her saviour, she loved Christ and she confessed him before more men than you and I can shake a stick at. No offence meant mate.

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        • I’ve listened to Gav a number of times, he comes across as being a born again believer and I’m pretty confident he is which is why it puzzles me that he went over to Rome, was it a protest vote? Unlikely as he’s bene there a while. Non the less I have confidence in his estimation of our Liz’s faith in Christ the King as Saviour.


    • Further to add, I have no confidence in anything Welby says or does and I consider him to be a wet lettuce, not being perfect myself neither but his word was good enough in the time an circumstances permitted.

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      • We too were of that opinion in view of much silliness in CoE, but the AoC at last has moved up to the mark for I’m sure this exceptionally uinique funeral is part of the Lord’s plan for the whole world as part of His end-time harvest. See also intro to my latest post.


        • I’m praying that the Lord would expose and remove the corrupt and put fire in the mouths of those who remain, that he would raise up within their ranks many Calvin Robinsons, a man they rejected because he has conservative opinions and as a mixed race man he doesn’t believe the CofE is institutionally racist. He via GB News has proclaimed Christ often and GBN even gave him his own show at Easter to proclaim the message of Easter.


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