Is prophecy of a presidential ‘prop’ fulfilled? – Julie Green

Thank you to Jose Varney for connecting the following event with a significant part of this word received and delivered by Julie Green:

Now let’s consider quite closely:

6 thoughts on “Is prophecy of a presidential ‘prop’ fulfilled? – Julie Green

  1. I think it is interesting to note that Julie Green says “the so-called Biden”. Many people believe that Brain Dead, the fake president is not the real Joe Biden and that he is a body double. Satan is the father of lies, misinformation, falsehoods and fake presidents, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

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    • I saw a vid being filmed live on someone’s phone that the TV cameras picked up and in the TV display there were two marines but the exact same phone shot filming just in front of the TV cams there were no marines showing up, they were not in the building, it was a green screen type of effect. I’m no expert tho. With regard to Biden, I hear his twin steps in now and again , I’m not saying I believe this but there is video/pics to compare that on close analysis show differences in brows/ears to each other. I’ve seen a vid of his daughter claiming this same thing. Either way whatever the truth is God will expose it at the perfect time. If the prophecies from the video I saw yesterday from the American lady are true then it will be soon. She did say to watch the Queen as a secret is to come out, maybe she meant the palace. Ah, the lady being Julie Green.

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  2. I’m afraid this has nothing to do with your post, but since I’ve not had time to read many of them for several months since my Dad was dying and I had to help with caring for him, I haven’t been following things much. Anyhow, I was just wondering if there is any significance or if there have been any ‘words’ about the new PM and the Queen dying, so there is a new king…almost simultaneously.
    The question is, will this be a turning-point or an opportunity in the trajectory of the UK’s spiritual affairs.


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