Morning Star 2 January 2022 prophecy of new British PM fulfilled

Thank you to Veronika West and to Chris Moyler for alerting me about the following prophecy coming to pass:

The accompanying text reads:


Back on Jan 2, 2022, Chris Reed prophesied that in 2022 a woman would arise in British politics that would replace a current male politician who would be like a”Margaret Thatcher”. No one knew THEN that in July of 2022, Boris Johnson would abruptly resign. Therefore, they had to replace Him with a New Prime Minister. Today, Liz Truss was elected Prime Minister of The UK. There are tons of recent articles comparing her to Thatcher. This is a sign to the U.S. because Thatcher became PM in 1979 during the Carter Admin. A Ronald Reagan came next. Here’s the short original prophecy and I’ll put articles below in comments. #share PS (The School of The Prophet’s begins this week! It’s 3 days per month, you can do it online or come in person.

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