Prophetic Sign & Wonder for USA manifests over prayer tent

Watch this brief video posted August 19 on Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations.

Extracts from the word Julie Green received on 3rd July The Eagle is Rising (underscoring is mine):

“I, the Lord, this day want to remind My children who I am. I am your deliverer. I am delivering this Nation from the hands of the enemy.

Oh, United States, I have blessed you and will continue to bless you. Your land is special. This Nation is special in My sight. I have not forsaken you, oh United States. Your flag will fly higher. Your flag still stands for freedom no matter how bad your enemies have tried to change this. They can’t destroy, take down or kill something I have blessed.

Your rightful president is making his way back. Plans are set and are going forward to take this Nation back.

The eagle is rising to a new level. No one can touch it or destroy it…

…The chains that held this Nation captive and held it hostage have been broken off. The eagle, My children, is about to soar to new heights. Celebrate your freedoms. Don’t back down from this fight.

Yes, you are in a fight, but this fight, you win, and that is guaranteed. Call this Nation united. Call this Nation alive. Call this Nation set free. Call this Nation restored. Call this Nation blessed. Call this Nation healed from all the damage they have caused. No more will they be in charge.

My church is awakening. My church is rattling the gates of hell with faith in My Name. Jesus destroyed it all, so arise, oh United States. Pray for the real president and all who are coming with him. They are moving toward the goal line. All strategies are in place. They are waiting on Me for the perfect timing to strike your enemies when they least expect it….”

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