For weighing and watching – top-level US military retirements?

Julie Green brought this important word on 24th July (click image to read in full), part of which reads as below – underscoring added:

“…General Milley will announce a sudden retirement, not one by his own choice. Watch as more generals walk away saying they are retiring; it may look like. But it’s not by their own choice. My hand is moving and cleansing your military of weasels, rats, thieves, and liars who were paid to make decisions against you, oh United States. They turned their backs on you for the power and money they were paid from by this fraudulent government and China. Oh, United States, China infiltrated your Pentagon in a major way, and I am removing all the infiltrators and traitors of this Nation. Watch as generals start to fall. They will lose all the medals and honors they had previously received, whether honestly earned or earned because they were paid to do certain jobs they should never have done. A shake-up has already begun in the military, and you will start to see it now in the news, saith the Lord of Hosts…”

This general has been mentioned in several previous postings herein and by sheer ‘coincidence’ on the day of FBI’s unprecedented raid of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s home, Milley’s resignation letter drafted in 2020 was revealed in the New Yorker as part of a preview of Susan B Glasser and Peter Baker’s forthcoming book “The Divider” – see Joseph Clark’s report in The Washington Times. as well as Elizabeth Stauffer’s more detailed commentary in The Western Journal; Gen Mark Milley’s insanely arrogant 4-paragraph resignation letter to Trump now released.

Apparently that letter of 2020 was never delivered to the President Trump – but maybe a new one is on its way?

Here’s previous mentions to General Milley on Richard’s Watch Telegram:(have you joined yet for in-depth prophecy-related news items?)

Pardon this author’s poor language:

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