Prophecy Progress Update 13: elections’ integrity per November 2020 dream of Veronika West

US 2020 Election prophecies of cheating fulfilled – Veronika West & Abel Praise

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2 thoughts on “Prophecy Progress Update 13: elections’ integrity per November 2020 dream of Veronika West

  1. Richard do you recall my dream from November of 2020?

    A Key, A Kite and a Box

    I had a dream just before fully waking where I saw Benjamin Franklin flying his now famous kite. As I watched I saw lightning strike the top of the kite and travel to the key. When it hit the key it began to glow with a bright white light. I remember taking the key and heading towards a very heavily guarded box. The box and those guarding it were shrouded in darkness and if it weren’t for the light emanating from the key I would have not been able to see either. In the dream I dont remember opening the box just that the key in my possession exposed the box, I could see the keyhole, and those guarding its contents.

    I believe there is more to this dream so I will be adding to it as I get further revelation.

    I believe that the lightning is God’s light, the key is His revelation, the box represents evidence, and those guarding it principalities

    I will post link to dream separately

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