As blogged, consequence of 2008 Two Presidents prophecy > America stands against its allies!

A MUST READ over the weekend and please excuse brief content but follow link to read in full the article by highly respected journalist/editor Carolyn Glick, whom I’ve cited many times as the expert on Middle-East affairs. First a reminder of the Two Presidents prophecy and then last night’s ‘Eye-View From The White House’ by William Koenig:

The day after Biden’s ‘inauguration’ on 20 January 2021 I blogged on the consequences of the fulfillment of what was then a 12 years-old prophetic word:

‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?


Click the last image to read the article in full – overwrites your device’s window. Note these extracts by William Koenig (emboldening WK; underscoring RB):

‘…Quite simply, even before Biden made the visit, the hospital tour represented a glaring contradiction of his repeated protestations of undying friendship and support for Israel. If anyone still held out hope that the president who told Israeli television that he was a Zionist was telling the truth, that hope was dispelled utterly when Biden began his remarks at the hospital.

Biden began what quickly became a rambling, largely incoherent speech about how much he likes nurses, hates cancer and misses his late son Beau with the most hostile, anti-Zionist characterization any sitting U.S. president has ever made of Israel.

In his words: “My background and the background of my family is Irish America, and we have a long history of … not fundamentally unlike the Palestinian people with Great Britain and their attitude toward Irish-Catholics over the years, for 400 years.”

Whereas the rest of the speech was so incoherent it is hard to imagine it was anything other than off the cuff, Biden’s slander of Israel as a colonialist power was clearly prepared because it was followed by a quote from an Irish poem…

…As for Israel, the Saudis and the states party to the Abraham accords—that is, the U.S.’s most powerful allies in the Middle East, Biden’s pandering failed both because his messages were contradictory and because his substantive policies bear no resemblance to his pandering proclamations.

While Biden left Israelis with a bad taste in their mouths with his anti-Israel pandering to the Palestinians (did he think that by barring Israeli reporters from his press pool he would prevent us from learning what he said?), Biden pandered to and attacked his Saudi hosts simultaneously….

…And just as Biden seemed to have no inkling that he couldn’t get away with his contradictory pandering, he seemed singularly unaware of and indifferent to the fact that his policies are counterproductive and devastating to U.S. allies

…Here too, Biden’s pandering messaging and substantive policies not only eroded U.S. allies’ trust in his leadership, but harmed America’s allies

But all the same, Biden’s cataclysmically failed visit, which was followed immediately by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s triumphant visit to Tehran on Monday, means that Israel has no time for its leaders to learn remedial statecraft.

Biden’s pandering was irritating and insulting. But it’s the devastating substance of his policies that is truly alarming.

Israel has to stand up for itself now, because nothing it says, no pandering on its part, will change America’s trajectory….’

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