Prophecy Progress Update: 9 – Two Presidents as Dolls – Trump ‘Hand-Made for America’

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Strange dream of TWO Presidents as dolls – Veronika West

Continuing from previous with these extracts (be sure to read in full)

‘There were a few small holes in the legs of the trousers, and I noticed in the dream, that the Presidential Doll was missing a shoe on its right foot. I also saw that a big piece of the right foot was broken off.

I could see that the Doll had obviously been well played with, but it had not been taken good care of, and was now in desperate need of restoration and repair.

Now as this strange dream continued to unfold before me, suddenly I noticed what looked like a Maker’s Mark stamped on the underside of what was left of the right foot where the Doll’s shoe was also missing and it read, ”1946/ HAND-MADE MADE FOR AMERICA

As I read those words, what immediately jumped out at me in the dream was the word “FOR” and so I re-read the Maker’s Mark again and it read, ”1946/ HAND-MADE MADE FOR AMERICA”.

As I read those words again, I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch! For what is made by the hands of man will not stand, but what is made by The Hand of The Father will never fall or fail!”

As I heard those words, suddenly the dream shifted and I saw The Hand of The Potter of the Emporium take a hold of the old Vintage Porcelain Doll, and I watched as he began to carefully and gently remove the old and tattered clothes from the Presidential Doll, and the worn clothes were tossed aside….’

In particular note this later part of Veronika’s account:

‘Again I saw The Potter doing a strange thing. I watched as seven times, the broken foot of the Doll was lifted out of the water, and then again submerged under the water. On the seventh time, I saw that the right foot of the doll had been completely repaired and fully restored….

Then I saw The Potter’s eyes look up, and his attention turned to the head of the Presidential Doll which was missing a lot of hair.

Suddenly I heard these Words, ”Watch! For what has been deliberately uprooted and torn down shall now surely be planted and rebuilt!
Watch — for that which suddenly departed shall be returned, and My Glory shall once again crown the heads of the righteous!”


I’m sure most of my readers are very well aware of the many massive rallies President Trump has held and news of the large advancement of his endorsed candidates for the upcoming mid-term elections, but note these recent postings:

Last item shows US inflation figures.

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