7 thoughts on “Boris Johnson’s resignation fulfills prophecy – Frank Sui

  1. There was another prophecy which I think you must have posted on this site, maybe shortly after the 2019 election? Unfortunately I can’t remember who it belonged to, although I’ve a vague idea it might have been Emma Stark. Anyway, the burden of that prophecy was that Boris would resign about halfway through this parliament, but not to worry, because he would be replaced by someone else who believes in Brexit (which in worldly terms seems far from a foregone conclusion).

    Do you remember that? It is just possible that I saw it on the UK Prophetic Words site, which is the only other one I look at regularly. It has stuck in my mind for some reason – perhaps because it was a true prophecy.


  2. I’ve been aghast at what they’ve all of them ,done to Boris inc Rishi (who i previously liked & respected) BUT having said this, I think he’s a Brexiteer, maybe someone can confirm if this is true? besides My prayers are for him & our country!!!God Bless You!!!


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