Sussmann Juror: “There are bigger things …than a possible lie to the FBI” — Jonathan Turley

The acquittal of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann has been the subject of furious debate among politicians and pundits. Some have argued that the case collapsed from lack of evidence while others have alleged that prosecutors faced as biased judge and jury. For his part, Sussmann claimed that the jury found that “I told the… Sussmann Juror: “There are Bigger Things … Than a Possible Lie to the FBI” — JONATHAN TURLEY

An informative follow-on to the previous post and herein Professor Turley closes, emphases mine:

‘In the end, there is no proof of actual juror nullification. While the evidence of lying seems overwhelming to some of us, there were interstitial questions on how the lying impacted the investigation. Yet, I believe that the court undermined the prosecution in a number of its rulings. Moreover, there is a legitimate concern over how this trial was handled as opposed to the trial of figures like Michael Flynn in the same courthouse.

‘The more important issue following this verdict is whether Special Counsel John Durham will be allowed to release a public report on his overall findings. Democrats previously demanded such a report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Some even demanded the release without redactions, including grand jury material. In the end, a report was released with a comparably small number of redactions. The same should be true with Durham. This trial resulted in the release of new information, but it is clear that Durham was strictly limited in what he could reveal at trial. The public has a legitimate interest in a full account of these findings, as it did after the Mueller investigation.’

2 thoughts on “Sussmann Juror: “There are bigger things …than a possible lie to the FBI” — Jonathan Turley

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    • Hi, as a first time comment Mason I need to approve before publication (as explained
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