Are the Nations missing The Lord yet? His Word to Veronika West

My intention upon returning to my desk yesterday was to re-post the following of last Friday from His Kingdom Prophecy – BUT I got nudged to remind ourselves FIRST what Lord Jesus looks like. Thus I revisited a ten years-old posting, checked links work and after re-publishing it, discovered a ‘God-incidental’ piece of this personal jigsaw slotted into place from across the ‘Pond,’ of which I’m not yet ready to share its meaning! As Tim Shey says, “Looks like a God-incidence on steroids. Or maybe I should say it is a God-incidence with Holy Ghost Fire!”


Our dear sister Veronika West writes,

‘I want to share a very intimate moment with you all.

As I tossed over in bed last night, suddenly I heard The Holy Spirit whisper to me and He asked me a strange question, ”Daughter, ask The Nations if they miss Me yet?”

When I heard the question, I immediately woke up. I mean, I literally felt wide awake, and He asked me again for a second time, ”Daughter, ask The Nations if they miss Me yet?”

Seriously? ”Sorry — say that again LORD!” came my response, and this time The LORD spoke for a third time, and in an authoritative voice He spoke, ”Beloved, ask The Nations if they miss Me yet?”

Friends, I cannot even begin to tell you all how that question suddenly and powerfully gripped my heart.

In that moment, it was like a floodgate opened and I felt a fiery conviction of The Holy Ghost come upon me.

There was no guilt or condemnation, but rather a Holy and Reverential Fear of The LORD with a tangible sense of urgency that gripped my heart, and immediately The Spirit of Revelation quickened to my heart like a lightning bolt Isaiah 55:6,

“Seek after The LORD while he may be found, call upon Him while he is near….”

As that verse came flooding over my soul, I suddenly felt a nearness of The Spirit of The LORD like never before. Jesus was right beside me, closer than my breath.

I could feel His Spirit — I knew that He was near to me and the gentleness of His Presence felt like waves of Liquid Love washing over me, and I knew in that moment, that His Presence demanded nothing less than all of my undivided attention.

Like a powerful vacuum, I could feel His deep Love drawing me out…. Deep was calling to deep. He had secrets to tell. He had mysteries to reveal and He had a Fountain of Living Waters in which to quench my every need.

Then suddenly I heard The Spirit whisper,

”Daughter of man, go tell My People, when they stop substituting the presence of My Spirit for social media, and man-made solutions, and if they will seek after Me with all their hearts, I will be found and I will bring them back from captivity and I will gather them from all The Nations, and places where they were banished, and I will bring them back to the place from which I carried them into exile.”

As I heard those Words, I saw the numbers “55” come up before me and I heard these Words, ”My Grace shall triumph over Judgment!”

You can imagine after that incredible encounter, an uncontrollable weeping came over me that literally made my head hurt. I woke my family, only to tell them Jesus was near.

Friends, seek after Him with all your heart.

Seek after Him while He is near… He is closer than you think!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

4 thoughts on “Are the Nations missing The Lord yet? His Word to Veronika West

  1. This post, combined with the “what does Jesus look like?” that you had pinned to the top of your page, have been the biggest blessing to me (I think that’s what I mean) of anything so far on your site. Perhaps I can explain, especially as I have a sort of question at the end…
    For some time now I’ve had a growing awareness that somehow my main emotional reaction to God is that I miss him: all the prayer and time we spend with God, how ever lovely it is, is never more than “seeing through a glass darkly”, and something inside me seems to clamour for more closeness. I suppose it’s a bit like how one can speak with someone on the phone who is a long way away and come away from the call missing them more, not less, than before.
    Anyway after reading your article I was going through that website of paintings by Akiane Kramarik, and the one which is called “Father, forgive them” really provoked that response in me far more than anything else has done. And then – once I’d pulled myself together! – I carried on down your web page and came immediately to this posting from Veronika, which is on the face of it a really unusual question to ask (the idea of “missing” God is nowhere explicitly in the Bible as far as I know) but which totally spoke to me, almost as if the prophecy were directly addressed to me. I realise it’s not, at least not exclusively!
    Now while this has done my prayer life an absolute world of good, I must say I’m not sure what the significance of it is otherwise. It feels as though it ought to mean something, or have some result other than just helping my relationship with God. But I don’t know what more it might signify. I don’t know if maybe you or any of your other readers have had similar responses..?

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    • Such wonderful news and thank you ever so much for sharing it dear Jonathan. I felt it time to focus upon the Lord and therefore put those posts together – and spent a while browsing Akiane’s pictures and rereading Colton’s story. Am SO thoroughly blessed that you are blessed my brother -it makes all the time and effort so worthwhile 🙂

      We have, in fact, been mourning the sudden illness of my beloved blogging buddy and everyday companion, Kitty, and I’d buried her only 7 days earlier. But whilst contemplating Akiane’s Prince of Peace she suddenly popped up alongside Him and towards me, as was her wont! SO it brought me an immense sense of peace 🙂


      • That is good! Though I am sorry about your Kitty. Remarkable, and wonderful, that these paintings should be so powerful – it had never occurred to me that it should matter at all what Jesus looks like, or that seeing a picture of him should in itself have any power. Just goes to show how little I know. I’m glad my news was an encouragement to you – after all your website has been a great encouragement to me.
        I forgot to mention one more thing – on the same day, just after reading that post and Veronika’s prophecy, I went on to the UK Prophetic Words website, where there was a new post (which I daresay you have seen) with the following in, which seemed to be on the same theme:
        “The divine replacement of the spiritual revolution has begun. I am going to reveal myself to you in ways you have never known. You are going to see me as I am. You are going to hear me as I am. You are going to know me as I am.”
        All very encouraging anyway!
        Thank you as always Richard.

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