President Trump gets Ukraine right – Barbara Boyd

President Trump weighed in yesterday on the Biden-British carnage which is Ukraine. He, unlike the lunatic Washington D.C. Republican establishment (including those claiming to be allied with him and to represent MAGA) said that every effort must be made to establish the peace—every effort now, and urgently. The poisonous mainstream media is poisonously parsing his text (New York Magazine somehow found his plain meaning similar to Charlottesville) or blacking it out, (Fox, OANN), or relegating it to an also ran (Newsmax)….

Source LaRoucePAC: President Trump Gets Ukraine Right

THIS IS A ‘MUST READ’ – after studying Barbara Boyd’s in-depth investigations into the coup against Trump brings me to the opinion they connect into Dr Lora Allison’s dream about Donald Trump being ‘Revealed’, upon which I’m preparing to blog.

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