A prophetic pun on the hunter and hunted, as in media headlines!

Perhaps the Lord is intending a pun in what Veronika published around midday as He  brings a reminder similar to this earlier word

I know our sister is very careful not to read any news unless someone sends her a link, as in catching up via this blog for a download on what’s happening in the world. She is wise to attest, “For the sake of clarity for the way I receive prophetically I cannot afford the luxury of daily news updates.”

A number of responses on Veronika’s Facebook indicate other prophets have brought similar words.

White House occasional Resident Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden no longer has any place to hide now the darkness is being well and truly exposed!!  For example, this headline mirrors that prophetic word:

Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Sen. Grassley Warns of National Security Concerns Surrounding Biden Crime Family; Says New Revelations Will Be Presented to Senate THIS WEEK (VIDEO)



1 thought on “A prophetic pun on the hunter and hunted, as in media headlines!

  1. . . . and foxes will be driven from their dens. . .and bite people. When people like Hunter Biden feel the heat of John Law breathing down their necks, they will turn on each other and bite each other and rat each other out. Unbelievers/devil worshippers have no integrity: they are in it to save their own skins. It is the exact opposite of self-sacrifice. They will expose and malign their partners in crime so as to escape the hangman’s rope.

    There is no honor among thieves and there is no honor in the Kingdom of Hell.

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