Are Bible and modern prophecy lining up? 1 – a prophet’s stance

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THIS POST MUST BE VERY, VERY HOT as it’s been percolating for some days; and now it’s time to pour I’ve been hindered in beginning my blogging day…
(It was originally entitled ‘On getting and delivering a warning prophecy from The Living Lord God Almighty…’)

In my footnote to Veronika West’s Important Prophecy on Russia, Poland and Baltic Nations – The Bone & The Treaty I point out…

Principles of Prophetic Precedence:
  1. The Written Word of God in the Bible
  2. Tested words and visions received by modern prophets
  3. Weighing, praying and insightful assessment with the Lord.

Therefore, although this blog covers contemporary prophecy and pertinent events, as and when I can monitor and report on them, their priority does not supersede that of the holy scriptures. Yet, we trust that in His wisdom the Lord will draw our attention to how the two may be lining up and I wish to offer a few pointers for weighing. What’s more, we have another example of the spiritual ‘Bridge o’r the Pond’….

First, let’s remind ourselves of our sister Veronika West’s explanatory warning posted 7th March in Ukraine, Russia, WW3 and Media Deception:

Warning: This Word, I believe, will confront many opinions and maybe even our understanding of many things that are currently taking place (it did mine). But I must be obedient to what I believe is from The LORD.

I say, like all the Prophetic Words that are submitted and shared on this page, I humble myself under His mighty Hand and will stand accountable before The LORD if this Word is proven in the days to come, to be wrong and a misrepresentation of what is on The LORD’s heart.’

On Saturday she posted ‘The Bone & The Treaty’ word on Facebook, which drew an enquiry from our mutual friend Chris Moyler asking how this further word fits into the activities of the ‘deep-state criminal cabal ‘ in the Ukraine. Her answer is very helpful. First the foot of that posting:

After I shared that word onto my personal Facebook our sister over the Pond in Nova Scotia, Maxine Davis, replies to a comment querying Veronika’s accuracy by saying:

“I’ve seen how her words mix with the will of God and God is sovereign who changes His heart about things. It reminds me of Jesus’ words that ‘a wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.’ The sign of Jonah, to me, is about receiving prophecy like Jonah did for the purpose of calling for repentance, or else! Once people repent, then God relents, so it looks as if the words of the prophet didn’t come true. I might be wrong on what is meant by the sign of Jonah but I’ve seen that happen many times. People respond to calls for repentance and God changes His mind about what He speaks through prophets.

I’ve learned to combine what I hear through Veronika with what I hear from God for myself. When Trump was elected I knew what I heard from God myself, also confirmed by what she was hearing, including one of the last words about God not sharing His glory with another.”

In part 2 I will consider how what Veronkia has brought ties into Bible prophecy….

[Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of]

7 thoughts on “Are Bible and modern prophecy lining up? 1 – a prophet’s stance

  1. From my prayer closet in Nova Scotia: After digging deeper into the history of all that came out of Ukraine in the last century, it all serves to confirm the central role of the cross and the ministry of the Son of God; also Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits as described in Romans 8:17-21. Take that away from the whole gospel so that Old Testament precepts and prophecies carry more weight and we end up being dragged into legalism so that the Church is pulled backwards into more darkness rather than moving forward into the redeeming light of Jesus Christ. We get judgment, condemnation, gloom and doom instead of heavenly Zion with angels in joyful assembly (Hebrews 12:18-24).

    This, I understand, to be at the root of the influence of Ukraine on the entire Christian world, as the goal is to pull the believing world into spiritual slavery to the so-called Cabal.’ I believe the Lord showed me the way out is to take His New Testament, new covenant precepts to heart including the parts about walking with Him in child-like faith. He said unless we receive the Kingdom like a little child we will never enter into it. Also that those who cause any of these little ones who believe in Him to sin, it would be better if they had millstones around their necks and were thrown into the depths of the sea.

    I can’t think of a greater contrast between what’s happening in Russia/Ukraine versus Canada at this time, than this teaching about entering God’s Kingdom in child-like faith. The visuals were on full display in Ottawa last month with bouncy castles as part of a peaceful resistance movement to tyranny, and a willing defender of the cause talking about loving and forgiving everyone, on her way to jail (Tamara Lich). Motherhood plays a key role, along with a quest for freedom in Christ. We belong to the New Jerusalem above, who is free and who is our mother.

    TRUTH is also critically important. Jesus said ‘I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.” The truth of the scriptures and truth in general brings about clarity, greater understanding, and a sanctified life as Jesus said ‘Sanctify them by the truth. Your Word is truth.” He said ‘If you hold to My teaching you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

    The whole truth of the situation in Russia/Ukraine is shocking and time-consuming to learn but the fruit is already there for anyone to see. We witness actors posing as heads of state in both Canada and Ukraine.See the movie released in 2016 called ‘Servant of the People’ featuring Zelensky as an ACTOR playing the role of Ukranian President, See the show ‘Passchendaele’ and others with Trudeau in acting roles,, exploiting the sacrifices of Canadian war vets over the past century to associate himself with their achievements, while his heritage through his Dad is one of denouncing Canada’s military roles, avoiding getting involved at all, and using the PM’s authority to decimate Canada’s national defence forces.

    Compare all this to bouncy castles, an atmosphere and celebration and joy and reclaiming our God-given freedoms, and out-door cooking in Ottawa to feed the homeless and politicians alike. The MP from my hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick – Jake Stewart – gave a rousing speech in Canada’s House of Parliament a few weeks back in which he stated he went out to meet with the truckers, got offered food and was asked to dance. No violence, no bloodshed but fellow Canadians seeking to uphold their God-given rights and freedoms. He ended his speech by quoting the Word of God, from Philippians 2, in the House of Parliament. He’s no doubt a relative of a powerful Miramichi pastor – John Stewart – who raised the bar for the Church in all of this by inquiring where to get a flag that says ‘BLESS Trudeau.’ The idea is we overcome evil with good by blessing those who persecute us (Romans 12). This is the Canadian way to stand up to tyranny WITHOUT war, but by ‘waging heavy peace’ to quote Canadian singer Neil Young. Seems to me Canada has been set apart to teach the world about the need for New Testament precepts to take higher priority than those of the Old Testament.

    It was recently brought to my attention by a visiting pastor that, according to Hebrews 1:1-2, “In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things and through whom also He made the universe.” It’s a wake-up call to all of us who rely so heavily on Old Testament prophetic words that we fail to speak on behalf of the Son of God, current words for the times we’re now in. The Old Testament accounts serve up powerful spiritual analogies and parallels of New Testament teachings but they’re not the actual substance of the Kingdom of God coming down from heaven. Sorry for writing such a lengthy comment. I hope it offers some edification.

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  2. so what is Veronicka’s take on the Ukraine a cabal a deep state corrupt and such remember that God is a God of love His intent is always to bring children back into fellowship with Him not push them away. He did away with people groups in the Old Testament but mainly in Israel where He had a purpose to birth Messiah. and then for Israel to evangelize the world but they rejected that Priestly role and it went to to the Gentiles mainly with a small remnant of Jews so if this is a Babylonian exile story pray for a swift success of God’s purposes to save as many lives as possible and less suffering but may it all bring Glory to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless

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  3. Dear Richard,

    I trust you’re both keeping well . It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch.

    I wonder whether you could help me. I’m preaching on Sunday on the subject of dreams, and I recall that your conversion experience involved a particularly dramatic dream. I know that you circulate the account from time to time, but I wonder whether you could email the details in time for Sunday, so that I can refer to it in my message (unattributed, if you’d prefer that.)

    I’d be most grateful.



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