Are Bible and modern prophecy lining up? 2 – visions of beasts

RECAP: On 22 February I began Bible Update: Daniel 7 vision of bear eating 3 ribs – Veronika West’s vision of Russia-Ukraine as follows:

‘As soon as I saw the following image it reminded me of part of the mind-blowing vision of four beasts and ‘one like a Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven’ that Old Testament prophet Daniel was given about 2,670 years ago, as recounted in chapter 7 of his book:

Ukraine and two areas claiming independence and Russia’s support look like three ribs, the largest as though being a chunk of meat. Read Daniel’s vision in full here, noting:

5 And suddenly another beast, a second, like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. And they said thus to it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh!’

This is usually regarded by scholars as relating to the ancient Medo-Persian empire but in view of the plainly eschatalogical interpretation Daniel was given, the direct reference Jesus Christ made to his writings, plus their later connection to the Revelation that God gave to Him and shared with His Apostle John, it is not wholly without merit to consider this beast’s imagery as relating to modern Russia – also symbolically known as a bear.’


Next therein, I republished Veronika West’s word of 24 January The Bear Nation Arises With A Hunger For War!  This includes an opening line “But listen, for The Lion of Judah will roar as the Great Eagles soar!”   This seems like the British lion and America’s bald eagle, but the spiritual allusion makes it quite clear this is not our two nations.

On 3rd March she published Three Times the Bear Shall Bite in which begins, ‘Listen! For at the sound of the roar of The Lion. Nations shall be shaken and boundary lines shall be shifted, as battle-lines are being drawn. And then they will say, “Look! Look to the Nation of Germany!” For out of the dark cave of isolation and shame, it shall suddenly emerge from the shadows for greater political power and monetary gain.

Veronika then refers to Germany as a Leopard that “doesn’t change its spots” and then to a Red Dragon.

BUT, in checking Daniel 7 I was struck by the fact these four symbolical characters appear simultaneously!  Verse 3 states, ‘And four great beasts came up from the sea, each different from the other.’  Note well; they appeared at the same time!  Also, there’s nothing in the explanation-interpretation Daniel was given (verse 15 onwards) explicitly stating that those empires will be consecutive – it’s simply assumed!

[Scholars and theologians consider those four beasts of winged lion, lolling bear, four-headed and winged leopard plus a terrifying and unnatural griffin-like beast, out of which grows the infamous ‘little horn,’  represent four historical, consecutive empires that were to invade the Middle-East: viz, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.]

In the second word Veronika relates ‘…And many will say, “See! A Leopard doesn’t change its spots.” For surely what will begin to unfold is a type and a shadow of Adolf Hitler’s demonic stronghold.”

NOW, that distinctly implies and refers to the re-emergence of the Nazi regime or ‘Third Reich’ (that is empire) as Fourth Reich – that is, a 4-headed leopard as in Daniel 7!!

AND, this connects into what’s known as ‘Prussia-Gate’ – with direct connection to Klaus Schwab, founder of the Word Economic Forum, as mentioned in Leo Hohmann’s recent posts. (I’ll leave you to do your own research on that deep-state topic.)

Veronika’s two visions of ‘titans’ have a roaring lion (of Judah? Not UK’s lion and wings of US eagle), a leopard, a bear and a dragon.

Therefore, I believe we need to be open to the possibility of Daniel’s vision being not of over two millennia ago, but about our present times and situation in Eastern Europe.

On page 658 of Unlocking The Bible (2003) esteemed  teacher J. David Pawson (with Andy Peck) asks,

‘So, what do we make of these beasts …followed by a kingdom?…

The Second Coming of Jesus is clearly in view here. My speculation is that the lion with wings is the USA and UK, the bear is Russia and the leopard is the Arabic world. So they will still be around right at the end, but they will be replaced by the kingdom of God, but I could not be dogmatic about this identification.’


As the above musings were already in my mind I was pleased to read this by Simon Copley, posted last Friday on Prophetic Releasers for UK Community page (Fbk). He too notes the lack of sequencing in Daniel’s vision and kindly permits republication –  I trust this will read well in view of Fbk’s hidden formatting:

‘In Daniel Chapter 7, the prophet has a vision of four beasts.

The first is a lion with eagle’s wings which are torn off and it develops a human mind. The second is a bear that is allowed to gorge itself on flesh. The third is a leopard with multiple heads and wings, given authority to rule. The fourth beast is more fearsome than them all and crushes everything and devours the whole earth (v23)
I have read commentators who compare these beasts to the succession of empires in Daniel 2 in the dream given to Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome), but the interpretation Daniel gives does not say this. Rather, the impression given is of these beasts existing concurrently. See especially v12 and v17 – both allow for an interpretation of concurrence.
My interpretation is that the three beasts represent axes of power that rise in the world, together, but are eventually stripped of their power by the rise of the fourth beast.
The first beast represents an axis of western liberalism (a Lion is the UK and the eagle the US). The mind of the man represents a secular humanist outlook that has grown gradually from the enlightenment and allowed it to stand powerfully for a time. But it is an impotent force with torn off wings (the decline of the US and Europe in particular).
The second beast is a bit trickier to interpret exactly. A bear suggests Russia but, as it is allowed to eat its fill of flesh, I wonder if a more general northern, communist/totalitarian axis is being suggested (Russia/China and others) that has been responsible for so many deaths. The ribs representing the neighbouring nations that are devoured. The beast may suggest demonic, violent principalities in the north Asian land mass. The bear is on its side suggesting the sidelining of Russia in world affairs that has been going on for past thirty years.
The third beast, a leopard suggests Africa, the power of non-white peoples. The multiple heads and wings suggest a multiplicity of manifestations in many places: Islam, black power, Africa, the middle east, south Asia. The fact that the beast is given authority echoes the increasing subservience of thinking to Islam and BLM and our attention to these things.
The fourth beast represents the rise of antichrist globalism. A beast unlike any other kingdom ever seen.
My interpretation is probably imperfect. Even Daniel struggled with his visions so there is comfort in that!! I offer it for consideration but it seems to fit a description of our current world.
The concurrence of the three beasts and their eventual demise at the hands of the fourth kingdom (although allowed to exist for a while in impotence, v12) suggests that, beneath the conflicts going on in the world, there are no “goodies” and “baddies” at any particular point, as the media would have us believe. There are just imperfect world powers in competition and conflict, but all eventually falling victim to something more terrifying and evil that will surpass them all.
The Son of Man comes to do the bidding of the Ancient of Days and his kingdom wins in the end.’

Simon later adds:

‘See my comment today on Veronika West’s recent post about the bear and the bones. If my interpretation of Daniel 7 is correct and if Daniel 7 applies to our current context (those are two big “ifs”!) I sense that what has been happening and is happening is that we are seeing the eclipse of the first three beasts in turn, albeit in very different ways according to circumstance. Firstly the stripping of the wings of the first beast (Lion/eagle) by the removal of a patriotic US President by undemocratic corruption. (Christopher Wickland’s prophecy about coming trouble for Britain would also fit in with this). Now, the humbling of the bear by economic sanction (Veronika’s latest post suggests this, also). So, thirdly, we will see a move against the leopard beast in the next few years – potentially a big assault on Islamic powers in some form? But what of Britain’s revival in the midst of the calamity? (as Christopher’s post also suggests?) Well, the overarching scenario does allow for a) some survival of vestiges of the powers of the first three beasts, with greatly limited authority and b) the existence of sheep nations among the goats (Those who support Jesus “brothers” ie: Israel right up to the end). These may be the same thing, with b) being the substance of a) – just my thoughts. I don’t claim Divine authority on all this but am feeling my way!’

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