Warning dream for the prophets — Wanda Alger

Two nights ago in a dream, I was walking on a path in a wooded area that was dark and wet. All the sudden, I found myself surrounded by large yellow frogs with black spots. I looked around and they were everywhere, seemingly on guard and ready to move. I was very unsettled as they seemed to be on task.

I woke from this dream knowing immediately that it was a warning, not only for me personally, but for other prophets and prophetic intercessors. I believe the brief night parable is providing some key details as to the enemy’s strategies in the coming days and how to stand against them…(omitted)

I believe these few descriptions in the natural provide some powerful parallels in the spirit. The Lord is showing us a picture of how the enemy is going to try and attack prophets and prophetic intercessors and those who are standing for truth in dark places….WARNING DREAM FOR THE PROPHETS —

Upon finding this morning the above ace article by Wanda Alger it not only fits into the dream I had just before waking, but also perceptively confirms the suspected spiritual source of ‘friendly fire’ I’d come under upon returning to base, after having come under heavy internet flak on approaching ‘target’ to drop this bombshell > November 2018 prophecy implies American politicians brought us to doorstep of World War III.

‘THOSE WHO HAVE FED ON LIES ARE ABOUT TO SHOOT TOXIC ARROWS OF ACCUSATION’ aptly describes the continuance of those sniper shots, but the Lord knows their source and in His mercy will deal at the best time.

Wanda also explains this morning’s waking dream of seeing surround-windows I was looking through get transformed into walls of fast-running water. On getting dressed I was reminded they looked like wall-to-wall showers for decontamination purposes!

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