Weird weather in East-Europe’s war-zone fulfills prophecy

Posted last night:

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Eastern Europe impacted by an Extreme Arctic Cold Blast and Snow next week, as the southern lobe of the Polar Vortex heads over Russia

See prophetic word brought by Veronika West:

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14 thoughts on “Weird weather in East-Europe’s war-zone fulfills prophecy

      • All I can say is Brrrrrr! Yes I saw the typo as soon as I had sent it. Ta.
        Chrysta Elisha on Elijah streams has just said she had a vision where Ruskies were paid to invade a Ukraine.

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        • Alex: I listened to a prophetic message from Robin Bullock and he said that Putin and Russia were hired to do its military operation in Ukraine. My guess is that the White Hats (the counterpoise to the Deep State) hired Russia to liberate Ukraine.

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          • Would you rather have Zelenskyy stay in power and keep killing the eastern Ukrainians? Military force is sometimes used to take out evil people. Was it okay for Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor, but not okay for the United States to bomb Tokyo (I am thinking of the Doolittle Raid of 1942)? The U.S.-run biolabs in Ukraine were a definite threat to the security of Russia. Putin had to do something: if people were killed during the destruction of the biolabs, I would not call that murder.


          • Hello Tim and Richard, I was going to reply directly to Richards comment re “who or what will pay for that” but could not figure out how to do that so here I am. The who or what is energy prices. I think rather than someone actually agreeing to “pay” for this incursion (not an invasion by any standard of military doctrine) there may have been an “understanding” that oil prices will be allowed to sky rocket for the duration. But don’t worry, they will come back down when the cabal has been destroyed. Regarding invasion vs incursion. The way the US took Iraq is typical of an invasion. Russia is not doing that with Ukraine at all and they are neighbors so would be easy to do. It is so far a fairly limited “war” if you can even call it that. It really does appear that the entire effort is not to subdue Ukraine but to denazify and demilitarize the country just as Putin said. This entire operation is so fogged in by disinformation that it is difficult to find the truth anywhere. I base my opinion on a variety of on the ground sources from both the Ukrainian side and Russian side. And sadly, I have come to so distrust western media that I believe almost nothing they say.

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          • Whatever the real truth of the matter in the ‘fog of war’ I greatly respect a Christian friend’s advice who’s aware of both sides of the argument and writes, “as a retired simple soldier, I have an innate aversion to phrases like (or implying: there is): an “acceptable” level of collateral damage; people are being freed by bombing them into submission: only military facilities are being targetted, and other justifying statements. However misleading main stream media may be, it is clear that the Russian forces have not limited their operation to military targets. Furthermore, collateral damage is a euphemism (ie. the sanitised expression) for death, destruction, displacement, despair – all the horrors of war.”


    • In the beginning of GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL by Jared Diamond, Diamond writes about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. During the French retreat, the winter was bitter cold. The bitter cold froze and shattered the tin buttons that were on the French soldier’s winter coats, so it was hard for them to keep warm. At night, the French soldiers would huddle close together to stay warm. Cholera broke out among the soldiers. When you huddle together with three or more soldiers, the cholera could only spread that much faster. I believe most of the French soldiers died of cholera on their retreat back to France.

      Speaking of invasions. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, they expected to be in Moscow before winter. The Germans did not take winter clothing with them. The winter of 1941-42 was the coldest winter in 50 years. The Soviets were much better prepared for winter conditions than the Germans. Bitter cold can kill a lot of people.

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