Seeing from heaven’s perspective – Important bulletin from Johnny Enlow

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I’m intrigued at the double, personal relevance of this bulletin’s date in its American sequencing. Right in the middle is my birth-date 22 and I saw the whole 12/22/21 as a kind of mirror reflection of 12/2–2/21 the first part reading orally as “two twelve”.

This was how we recited our house number of where I lived as a child, “Two twelve, Edgeley Road” which is ‘212’. It’s also the place I returned to in a vivid dream in 1989  when I almost died and dropped into hell but for Jesus rescuing me, as recounted in

What a night 32 years ago: Jesus rescued me from dropping into Hell…

2 thoughts on “Seeing from heaven’s perspective – Important bulletin from Johnny Enlow

  1. Thanks for this Richard. I have been feeling a lot recently that fear is coming from two directions:
    1) The constant fear propaganda about a ‘virus’ that now seems to be no more than a cold for most people.
    2) Information about what the WEF etc are planning for us.
    Often those who talk about what is being planned for us do not put God into the equation and do not give concrete advice regarding how to fight back. Creating fear is not helpful. We know where fear comes from and it isn’t God.

    The best advice at the moment is how to pray and seek God’s will for He wants you to do in the circumstances. We are not all called to fight in the same way. We have to find out what our specific part in the battle is. That way the enemy will be attacked on many fronts at once.

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