We will see with our eyes what our ears have only heard — Wanda Alger

In a recent dream, the Lord gives some assurances of what’s to come…

In this dream, my husband and I were brought before a group of high-level government officials to be “processed.” We had been blind-folded and hand-cuffed, along with two nationally recognized government leaders. I could feel the tension in the room, knowing the immense significance of this moment, given all the secret service detail.

In this place, the four of us were each going to be asked one question. Depending on our answer, it would mean either life or death. Yet, I wasn’t afraid because I knew Bobby and I were innocent. I simply knew this had to happen and was resolved to see it through. I also knew these two national leaders were finally being made to answer for what had happened.

Within moments of the question being asked, I heard the first national leader fall to the floor. I knew what their answer must have been. Then, the second one fell to the floor with a loud thump. Given what I’d already discerned, I knew what I was hearing was the consequence of their answers. It was really happening… [..continue reading at..]


AN AWESOME HIGHLY ENCOURAGING DREAM – may it rapidly manifest Lord.

Wanda writes, “There are many significant messages in this dream that help us prepare for the days ahead. The most important message being this: There is coming a time when things we’ve only heard about will be verified with first-hand evidence and eye-witness proof…”

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