Are most Christians deceived? — John Barber

Are most Christians deceived? Warning: if you choose to read what follows, you are in for a roller coaster and I am probably going to upset you in some way. We all have a tendency to align with those who echo our opinions, often based on our own life experiences and axioms we abide by. […] Are most Christians deceived? — JRB Publications

In my opinion, the answer to this question is YES, but not so much on grounds of ignorance of Bible truths and following falsehood as for refusing to open eyes and ears, both physical and spiritual –  even insisting it’s not our remit – to events of direct relevance to Bible prophecy. Earlier this week John Barber and I debated this issue with some friends on Farcebuk..

3 thoughts on “Are most Christians deceived? — John Barber

  1. I’ve found that the deception comes with reading the Word of God and thinking it’s enough to know what it says, without actually applying it in a personal way. It’s the personal application that brings experiential truth to bear on one’s life which then becomes an overcoming testimony. Otherwise it’s like looking at a mountain, reading expert opinion about the various aspects of it, and never actually climbing it to find out for oneself. The deception happens when the egos of experts are accepted as the foundation of truth, even if those experts have ulterior motives for sharing their opinions so that it elevates themselves instead of God. The alternative is to take up the cross and walk as Jesus did in a personal experience of sharing in His suffering so that we may also share in His glory. As the Bible says ‘Do not merely read the Word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.’

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  2. Hello RIchard, That was an interesting article made the more so as I too have been at one time involved with the Plymouth Brethren. One exception I would make with Mr. Barber is that Jesus did not die to save us from hell but rather to make us compatible with God since our sin nature excludes us from such a relationship. Thanks once more for all the work you put in to these excellent articles. Mark Jenson


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