To all believers in Jesus: “Watch and Wait – Listen and Learn”

[Posted 11.11.21] It’s rather amusing seeing how the Holy Spirit affects my wife and physically stops her in whatever she’s doing. I was with Nina during the last two ‘parts’ she was learning more about the global thunder and our need to stand in our spiritual armour.  In the last, when hearing the Lord tell her about his Name in response to a worship song, she had to sink rapidly into her chair..!

Confirmation IN-ADVANCE from Holy Spirit!

The next time Nina got visibly impacted was a week ago this morning AND it was totally unexpectedly. It affected her so powerfully for many minutes that it was better for me to drive her to a local appointment rather than to drive herself. She writes of it as follows: 

“I have a very dear sister in The Lord who is relatively quiet and shy. On the morning I was due to meet her she was going to give me some words that she’d received from The Lord. She said they very similar to what I’d received, in a different way. She had found herself with a free day so sat down intending to write out a ‘to do’ list  – but wrote down the attached instead.!!!!  This is not something that happens to her!

That morning, before we met, I was standing by the bedroom door about to tell Richard that she was popping in and why; but I was immediately unable to speak and had to hang on to the door-frame with electric shocks going up and down through my body – I knew I was going to read something amazing!

Now you have a read and be blessed.”

This is what our sister, a newbie prophet, received on Monday 1st November 2021:


“Where you are heading has already been ordained. You have a part to play, a big part. Don’t be alarmed, you are and will be equipped with all that you need to carry this out.

The times are dark and the thickness within the darkness is stifling. Many of My lights are being snuffed out. Many are losing their oneness with Me. Take hold of the sword and shield I have given you. The fight is on! Oh yes it is definitely on!

You will feel as if you are being got at from every which way from those still in the darkness and those who say they know Me.

Stand on the reality and truth of My Word. Devour it, guard it, chew on it and let it seep into every fibre of your being, the one I created to be My light carrier.

Be on your guard at all times. Don’t let others sway you. Your are Mine, not theirs.

Time is short and as the battle intensifies there will be casualties. Respect others but hold fast to Me. Listen to others but hold fast to Me.

Be alert, the darkness is prowling around and ready to pounce and take advantage of every……I mean every…… opportunity to bring death and destruction to the human race.

Take heed of these words. This is not a game. It is real and happening now.

Beware of those in sheep’s clothing. They are out to maim, kill and destroy.

Don’t take Me for granted. You are My child. I am your Father whatever others may say about you, good or bad. My word overrides theirs. Watch My child, trust in Me My child. It may get rough but I will carry you.

Believe in Me when I say I hold the whole world, the whole universe in My hands. One day it will be no more. What seems overwhelming now will slip away with it.

My word is Eternal, seek it, refer to it at all times. It will be your strength this day and the next and the next and the next……”

Deut 6:5. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.

World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti

Further ‘Confirmation’ – Unique Server Maintenance!

Just as I’m putting final touches to this and about to hit Schedule button to publish at 5pm the screen changes to tell me to wait 5 minutes!   It’s never happened in 10 years with WordPress, so I assume THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POST!!

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