At world-wide clap of Holy Thunder we’re to stand in our spiritual armour!

Nina’s account of what the Lord began to tell her about a forthcoming global event:

Part 1 – Sunday 17th October

As I started my quiet time at the start of the day I saw and heard (together) from The Lord that there is to be an immensely loud noise like thunder but there would be no storm, yet people would be inclined to say “It’s just a bad storm”.

It would be a thunder clap louder than has ever been heard before and it would be heard all over the world..

At that sound we, His children, are to stand up immediately to be counted, (thus) stopping whatever we were doing.

Part 2 – Tuesday 19th October

When out walking in a quiet place, I heard in my spirit that when we are standing as in Part 1, we are to have our spiritual armour in place in order to hear His instruction (singular).

Part 3 – Sunday 24th October

During worship in church I was powerfully affected and ‘knew’ that, as we stand with our armour on before The Lord, we will be shining and will be visible to each other and to everyone else.

At the same time darkness (evil forces) will be swirling around us like a stormy sea as we wait for His instruction.  As we stand with arms raised praising His name, He says


As this was all going on we happened to be singing a line in a worship song, lines of which said “My name will not be overcome”. That knowledge will enable us to stand.

God Bless us all, Nina

RB’s Footnote:

Whilst we were walking I noticed Nina stop with eyes staring as she noticeably shook. I realised she was hearing from the Lord and she soon explained what was going on and how it connected into a couple of days earlier.

She describes this unusual thunder-clap taking place in clear sky without any threat of a storm as being like someone bursting a paper bag right beside your ear. SO everyone will be deafened and stunned.

Also, there was a clear impression of the Lord holding planet earth in His hand, where He could so easily knock it away, and so she was left humming the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole, wide world in His hands…”

Therefore, please weigh and pray – be expectant and know what to do IMMEDIATELY this unique, holy noise is heard.

[Hands Holding World by Twobee, courtsesy]

5 thoughts on “At world-wide clap of Holy Thunder we’re to stand in our spiritual armour!

  1. A wonderful word, thank you so much for sharing. It is so close to something I have actually experienced.

    About 20 years ago I was attending at Ashburnham Bible Camp, and it had rained and rained continuously. The sheer weight of the water and the impossibility of camping and walking around the site was threatening everything.

    In an amazingly clear couple of hours the leadership team met to consider whether it was possible to continue as all the workship and teaching goes on in marquees and they were threatening to collapse on the people with the weight of water.

    I went to the bathroom whilst that leadership prayer meeting went on. I was just leaving to go out into the gardens when the most incredible explosion went off above my head. It sounded as though an airoplane had blown up! As I looked up, in an almost clear sky I saw something incredible.

    A cloud that had been above the building divided into four and each part shot off in different directions at such speed that I knew it was not natural! The sky became totally clear, and it did not rain again for the remaining days!!

    Noone could understand how a cloud could divide and shoot away at such speed in all different directions, and everyone who had heard the clap of thunder like a bomb praised God that He had spoken and all attack over the camp had been divided and ‘scared’ away.

    May He speak again soon xxx

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  2. I went back to my journal and starting October 4th, unusual for southern California, thunder claps and ALL NIGHT lightning without a storm; October 11 woke up hearing “hasten”; October 10 an angel at my head; October 12 unusual strong winds all night at the coast and saw a vision in the night of a door opening; October 17 key “abide in Christ”; October 18 Malachi 3:1-3 messenger of fire to prepare way for the second coming of glorified Jesus in the flesh; October 19 key SEEK FIRST the KOG and HIS RIGHTOUSNESS; and since October 22 I have had vertigo (only in bed at night) and no idea why? any ideas or prayers would be welcomed…

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  3. I don’t suppose there is any idea as to when this thunderclap might be heard? Weeks, months, years away? Also, is it a thunderclap that only believers will hear..or would everyone in the world hear it? Or perhaps, some who are not yet believers, but maybe it might get their attention? Is it a literal, physical thunderclap or only experienced spiritually?

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