Renowned attorney’s notes on Maricopa election audit issues

“Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen, to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?” (Isaiah 58:6 NIV)

Readers may recall attorney Sidney Powell’s work investigating last November’s presidential election issues, and in following the audit in Maricopa. For our further insights, here are serious developments noted on her Telegram. Copy-pasting and ‘sewing’ this long thread of screenshots was complicated; I trust it reads alright – and oh what a great surprise at the very end!

First, from Friday Sept 24th:

Then, after that weekend:


2 thoughts on “Renowned attorney’s notes on Maricopa election audit issues

  1. It’s remarkable, isn’t it, that there are so many irregularities in so many ways, and yet the entirety of the press has been claiming all along not only that there is no evidence but actually that any claims of irregularities are “false”. This all seems to me to be America’s Dreyfus Affair – only the stakes are much higher, of course. This week I have read something Emile Zola wrote in the midst of that which is curiously apposite:

    “Truth holds a power such as to carry all obstacles before it. And, when we bar its path, when we manage to shut it away underground for any length of time, it grows, it takes on violence so much like an explosion that, when it bursts out, it explodes everything along with itself. Just try walling it in under lies … you will see if you are not laying the ground for the most resounding of disasters later on.

    But, as the truth advances, the lies pile up, denying that it is advancing. That is most significant.”

    Plus ça change, eh?

    (“La vérité a en elle une puissance qui emporte tous les obstacles. Et, lorsqu’on lui barre le chemin, qu’on réussit à l’enfermer plus ou moins longtemps sous terre, elle s’y amasse, elle y prend une violence telle d’explosion, que, le jour où elle éclate, elle fait tout sauter avec elle. Essayer, cette fois, de la murer sous des mensonges ou dans un huis clos, et vous verrez bien si vous ne préparez pas, pour plus tard, le plus retentissant des désastres.

    Mais, à mesure que la vérité avance, les mensonges s’entassent, pour nier qu’elle marche. Rien de plus significatif.”)

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