RIGHT AFTER POSTING I read prophecy-related news from Australia! (GPS #70.3)

WOWEE – the Word I’ve just posted that Amanda published the weekend before last, and which begins,

“Fear not My children, fear not in an hour where you will see much shaking, in an hour where I the Lord thy God will shake the foundations of the White House, in the hour where I the Lord thy God will split the leadership in Australia, in an hour where I the Lord thy God will cause an unexpected fall in the states including California, says the Lord…

I then went offline for afternoon cuppa tea only to see this:

Domino Effect: New South Wales Sinks Into Political Disarray and Chaos After Six Officials Including its Premier and Deputy Premier Exit

Note refc to exposure of ‘corruption’ > WATCH OUT WHITE HOUSE OCCUPANTS!

FOR BACKGROUND in case you’ve not heard about the race between Oz and Biden regime to introduce globalist dictats, here’s Howell Woltz again:  Poland Protests at Aussie Dictators!

Also, heaps more in-depth reports on dystopian marxist Oz at The Gateway Pundit.

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