Update on US election audits – about to explode!

Last night’s news (4:44pm CentralUS) shared on my Fbk with this intro:

‘DJT MAY HAVE TIMED THIS LETTER TO COINCIDE WITH ANTICIPATED ANNOUNCEMENT BY MARICOPA, County Board of Supervisors’ compliance with Arizona State Attorney’s subpoenas etc against them…’

HUGE: President Trump Sends Letter to Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Respectfully Requesting He Address Known Invalid Votes in the 2020 Election

If illegible, read President Trump’s letter here. This news was soon followed within the hour by:

FIREWORKS: Next Week Will Be Explosive – Indications Mounting that Both Arizona and Georgia 2020 Valid Election Results May Move These States to Trump NEXT WEEK

‘Here is the point – Based on these two events – it is likely both Arizona and Georgia will have enough evidence of fraudulent counts of ballots in the 2020 Election to flip these states to the Donald Trump column – NEXT WEEK.’

Later, at five minutes to midnight came:

‘This is a victory for the first full forensic election audit in history.’

HUGE WIN For Arizona Senate: CyberNinjas WILL Access The Routers As Requested – Questions WILL Be Answered

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