Biden warned over turning EU & Eire against UK

HERE WE GO AGAIN…as implied in the Two Presidents prophecy the USA now has a inept and untrustworthy leader who, along with his ‘Democrats,’ is destroying our long-standing, historic alliance:

Read Lord Trimble’s letter in full in Daily Telegraph’s exclusive report at:

Note in particular his opening paragraphs (emphasis mine):

‘Dear Mr President,

‘As a former First Minister of Northern Ireland and the co-negotiator of the Belfast Agreement along with the late John Hume, I wish to express my concern about the way in which the Agreement is being undermined by the Northern Ireland Protocol, and in particular the role which your administration has played in contributing to the damage being caused to the Agreement through your support for the Northern Ireland Protocol.

‘The Northern Ireland Protocol undermines the Belfast Agreement 

The Northern Ireland Protocol has not only subverted the main safeguards within the Belfast Agreement causing civil unrest and political uncertainty, it is also damaging the Northern Ireland economy disrupting supply chains, inflating prices and diverting trade from our main market in Great Britain….’

2 thoughts on “Biden warned over turning EU & Eire against UK

  1. Thanks Richard for this post. I read it with interest as it reminded me of a word I posted some time ago which the Lord gave me about watching the nations – whose side will they take. It talked of nations with long standing relationships betraying each other and to see who would come to their assistance in times of need.

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