As predicted on Biden’s inauguration, USA is no longer a reliable ally or world leader

‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

My above blog posted 21st January 2021, the day after Biden’s ‘inauguration’ begins:

‘NO, it cannot! Period.

‘How soon will Americans realise the mess they’re in arises out of deliberately rejecting our Creator and His principles for good government contained in the ‘Best Instructions  Before Leaving Earth’?

‘With Biden trashing his predecessor’s national as well international policies of standing firmly against tyrannical autocratic regimes of North Korea, China and Iran, America can be seen as schizophrenic and thus too unreliable to remain a trusted ally, especially of Israel and the Western alliance of NATO, as below…’ (continue via above image)

Most regrettably my prediction has proven true:



Read remarkable unanimous denunciation in last item at Bruges Group Facebook on 29 August, wherein several confirm my above prognostication about America’s unreliability.


Once again for the record, here’s what Kim Clement heard form the Lord

Click to read about the schizoid-implication of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

2 thoughts on “As predicted on Biden’s inauguration, USA is no longer a reliable ally or world leader

  1. As we have discussed before, Brother Richard, in Afghanistan we are witnessing a “watershed” moment: the world has suddenly become very different and very dangerous. The USA is no longer the reliable backstop that can speak effectively to tyrants, because it wields a big stick which they know it is willing to use. The vacuum will now be filled by China and Russia who will happily turn a blind eye to attacks against western interests, and step up their own expansionist plans in places like Taiwan and Ukraine. The current administration in the USA has replaced believable “Deterrence Theory” with a liberal “deference theory”, unwittingly (or otherwise?) kowtowing to evil tyrants. President Trump’s sometimes bizarre behaviour was actually useful in that the tyrants could never be sure how he would react.

    The only thing we can do now is watch very carefully to see how God Almighty is going to deal with the world wide labyrinthian evil that will surely usher in a new world order: nothing is unexpected to God. The rise of the Antichrist is an essential step in the time-line to the return of Jesus. Time is short!

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    • Yes dear Neil, that was definitely why DJT kept everyone guessing about his intentions and thus most unsure as to which way he’d go.
      I believe the Lord is using Biden to bring about the demise of Democrats as foretold in the visions of Veronika West and the political parties.

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