Word to Charlie Shamp on “government shutdown and great turnaround”!

After urgently posting the previous, unscheduled blog I opened my Fbk to share it and spotted a Charlie Shamp word there that I’d shared over the weekend. Then I realised it connects into the same news, and added a brief PS on it to my blog.

BUT upon switching between internet tabs, a warning of connection failure to Richard’s Watch flashed on-screen – it wouldn’t even pick up my site’s image from the pc’s cache! So I got on with some chores and shopping.

An hour later we’re up and running SO I smile to myself: MY BLOG GOT BLOCKED because of its final words “BYE-BYE BIDEN!” LOL, LOL LOL! Maybe those words caused the internet to crash!

The photo-montage shown on World Watch Daily that I refer to, also possibly indicates a direct confirmation of the word Charlie Shamp posted on Thursday 12th August (click heading for original) – underscoring is mine:


‘Last night I had a very vivid dream where I met President Trump.

‘I was standing beside a set of steps leading to a stage in a large indoor stadium. I was accompanied by a man that I have never met in the natural. President Trump walked over to me and he reached out his hand to greet me as if he already knew who I was.

‘I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I then began to prophesy some very personal things to him concerning his future. I opened my eyes and pointed at him and said, “Don’t lose hope! The Lord is bringing a great turnaround for America.” He thanked me and turned to take the stage.

‘I awoke and heard the Lord say,

“Watch as they look to bring another lockdown to finish the reset, but I will bring a shutdown of this current government. It will be a sign that I am re-ordering this nation for a great turnaround.”

– Prophet Charlie Shamp

RB PS: Looking forward to seeing this prophecy coming to pass as soon as possible!

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