Wonderful vision and warning reminder – Chris G Bennett

I’m grateful to Chris for permission to republish his Facebook items, especially this from  today. It is very well-timed as a useful introduction to post I’ve been preparing and now scheduled for tomorrow of visions of the Rapture!

I had a wonderful vision and warning today.

I saw trumpeters, dressed in white – they may have been angels – preparing to sound a fanfare. They were all blowing their instruments, just like you see an orchestra warming up. They were excited, chattering, and looking around kind of expectantly, almost looking for the conductor to make snide appearance. Suddenly he appeared, not dressed in white like the trumpeters, but sort of ‘dressed down’ a little bit. I understood from this that I was watching a rehearsal!

In proper conductor style, he mounted a small podium and tapped it several times with his baton. The trumpeters were instantly in the ready position, instruments to their lips, all eyes watching. The conductor raised his baton and held it aloft while he did a very quick scan to endure they were all ready. Then he brought it down and the trumpeters started playing.

Oh, the sound! It was a beautiful melodious fanfare, at once both militaristic, triumphant, yet fluently flowing with melody and counter melody. Almost close harmony except that there were probably two or three dozen players. Each seemed to have a melody of his own, yet the whole sound was beautifully melodic, each complimenting the others. It really was beautiful. The sound drifted as a cloud over them and each trumpeter had a look of sheer bliss – they were loving it.

The sound covered the earth like a mist or thin cloud. I was able to see people from every part of the world as they looked up to see what was happening. The effect on those listening was electric. Some were looking up pointing and shouting and jumping excitedly. Many just looked puzzled, while a small proportion looked angrily around them, shouting curses at those who were celebrating.

I knew I was watching the Rapture. Was it a rehearsal? Was it the real thing? Was it just a little glimpse of that which is soon to come. As I watched, I saw those who were celebrating just disappear – in the twinkling of an eye – and I saw several of those looking puzzled disappeared too. Many left behind looked shocked and distraught, while some continued to look angrily about them and continued to hurl curses at anyone close enough to hear them.

Altogether a disturbing, yet confirming vision. I didn’t think it needed much interpretation but the Lord still spoke to me.

“Are you still wondering about this. Many are, and many are doing little or nothing to prepare. Yet you need to keep on warning them, keep telling them that I AM is coming. I did not leave you that picture of the wise and foolish virgins for nothing. It wasn’t just an allegorical tale to entertain you. It was a pictorial warning. Time is so short, yet so many either think there is plenty of time, or they just don’t believe I am coming at all. You have taken the scripture, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick!” (Proverbs 13:12), and you have applied it to My return. You have said in your heart, “What’s the use – He’s not coming yet, if at all!” You have believed the enemy’s lies! Don’t let him rob you! Don’t let him kill, rob, and destroy all that you hope for. That’s the only weapon he has – the fear of hope deferred! I AM is coming, and coming suddenly, coming soon – much sooner than many expect or think possible.”

“What you have seen here is literal; it’s a foretaste, a forewarning of that which WILL come. REAP THE HARVEST, BUT ALSO TELL THE PEOPLE I AM IS COMING VERY SOON. TELL THEM, TELL THEM, AND TELL THEM AGAIN!”, says the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful vision and warning reminder – Chris G Bennett

  1. Dear Richard,
    me again .
    while I was reading this post, the final scene of ‘Parsifal’ played. Power showered over me – I felt as if I was in a prickly bath, very invigorating.The time for the anointment is fast approaching, has it already come?
    I would like to send you some of this most beautiful music, it is so fitting for these end times:
    The final scene of Parsifal (State Opera Munich 2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdrGSdpahP0&list=RDMdrGSdpahP0&index=1

    Libretto in German/English: http://www.operafolio.com/libretto.asp?n=Parsifal&translation=UK
    Jonas Kaufmann starts with: ‘ But one weapon serves….’ 10 paragraphs up from the bottom
    Just listen and watch what the angels tell you.

    This is the GoodFriday Scene in Act3: it starts with : Gurnemanz: ‘Thus it was promised to us’
    appr. 11 Paragraphs from the bottom up;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rosGCKb7NBU. When Kaufmann trembles, he does no play.
    Act 2 is for the harlot Kundry, the cursed one who mocked the Lord on the cross. She receives the baptism and redemption in Act 3.

    Act2: Parsifal almost succumbs to Kundry’s seduction and corruption ,but he is turned around by experiencing Amforta’s pain from the wound in his side. There Parsifal has crossed the threshold , he is called to receive his annointing in Act3 (The Good Friday Miracle – Karfreitagszauber). he has become the ‘Enlightened through compassion, the innocent fool , the appointed one’ This was written in fire into the sky when Parsifal embarked on his journey to knowledge and compassion in Act1. The knights were ordered to wait for this man.
    These are the links to the opening ( the conductor Kirill Petrenko pours love in music)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xsbQ-_iroM&list=RD1xsbQ-_iroM&start_radio=1&rv=1xsbQ-_iroM&t=11
    Act1: Amfortas, the sick king of the Grail:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6x3hkz-Wmk

    I think the Munich production is the best, full of spirit.( Kaufmann did not play his trembling when he baptized Kundry). It carries and feeds me unlike any other . The conductor and the singers are very distinguished. Unfortunately there is no complete recording available so far but it is shown every year over Easter ( missed this this year) free of charge on Bayerische Staatsoper on Demand. On you tube the Metropolitan Opera’s Parsifal Production from 2012 is available: You have to search for each Act, they give an explanatory talk before each Act and English subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pYRHnDBuHY&t=2s
    Gurnemanz and Parsifal are sung/played by Rene Pape and Jonas Kaufmann as in the Munich production.

    I hope you are not annoyed now but I wanted you to have a share of that rich gift. It has been unexpected and is a source of endless joy as being a prayer at the same time.

    May God bless you and your family.


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    • Thank you so much Elisabeth for taking time to share your very personal ‘God-incidence’ for I’ve often found that something I’m playing syncs into what I’m blogging or reading. Am not familiar with that opera other then recall it being spoken of very highly in my pre-salvation days in gnostic circles.

      I’m sure your God-incidence confirms the truth of the direct message Chris conveys.


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