Did you discern the Jan 6th link between the last two prophetic words?

Have just realised that when I spotted Veronika’s reference to king Saul and Mike Pence, I was reminded of Robin Bullock’s likening that disowned king’s strategy to thwart the fulfilment of the prophecy of his demise. I thus added a note to her word BUT I discern a deeper link between both prophetical postings.

Comments have been made on this blog and on my Facebook’s link about the VP’s seriously damaged past that gave the demonic access rights into his life and thus control him at the critical time of the 2020 election.

The posting on Veronika’s Facebook has brought long debate on Pence’s destiny in God’s plans for America.

However, I believe we must weigh both the detailed word she brings and the brief insight Robin shares, about Satan’s strategy to prevent prophecies of Trump coming true, together – not separately – in order to get a better grasp of Pence’s role in the Lord’s plans.

2 thoughts on “Did you discern the Jan 6th link between the last two prophetic words?

  1. Dear Richard

    With my Richard (we call him Dick) going through daily radio therapy at present have not had time to get my teeth into this BUT right from the moment MP failed to act on 6th Jan other than to not completely throw DJT under the bus, I have felt impelled to pray for him & sense there is still some part in our Lord’s plan that he is fulfil as well as interceding for his full salvation.

    I’m reminded of both Gollum and Darth Vader who were both flawed but close to the vital conclusion and made it happen. I hope for MP he’s more of a Darth Vader. Have often wondered at the prophetic element of the whole Star Wars series too….. (at least the old ones) haven’t watched the new lot……

    Shalom, love & prayer Elaine


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