MUST READ: situation report supports prophets on Trump’s second term and return as President!

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I received news of the above-linked article just before our evening meal yesterday and published the post on a friend’s recommendation. Now having read it I urge you too to do so as soon as possible if not yet done so.

It is a superb, succinct summation of the situation and supports the true prophecies of Donald Trump winning the 2020 election.

Here’s some sizable snippets from this free-lance investigative journalist’s fascinating 8-page article and note Cesar’s closing citation of scripture:
‘To understand what is happening in the United States in relation to last year’s elections, it is necessary to find the news of the American media not aligned with the regime of the so-called mainstream organs.

Indeed, what is taking place in recent weeks is something unprecedented in the United States. Evidence is increasingly emerging of massive and far-reaching electoral fraud perpetrated particularly in key US states that have always been decisive for the fate of elections.

Several pieces of evidence of massive fraud had already been presented last November and December, but almost all the federal courts and the US Supreme Court itself refused to even consider it.

The main difference between then and now is that the necessary checks are finally being made on the ballot papers….

…On March 31, the Arizona Senate decided to entrust the contract for a recount and a review of the ballot papers in Maricopa County, which is the fourth largest in the United States, to the Cyber-Ninja company specializing in IT expertise. .

The system’s reaction was pure panic. The Democrats immediately tried to stop the recount by trying to appeal to a local judge who asked the plaintiffs to deposit a million dollars as bail . The Democrats refused and the recount went on….Meanwhile, the count is proceeding and significant illegalities have already emerged. Thousands of duplicate cards have been found which are duplicates that replace the original cards if they are found to be unusable or damaged….

Maricopa, however, set the domino effect in motion. As soon as the recount started in this state, on the other side of the United States, in Michigan on the eastern side, a brave local lawyer Matthew DePerno who assists a client who has appealed against fraud is presenting massive evidence of the fraud.

The situation is not very different from that of Arizona. There are thousands of phantom illegal ballots entered in the final ballot and these random ballots resulted in Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s “victory”.

In particular, it emerged that the votes were all moved at a certain time and in the same quantity and this circumstance alone denotes the impossibility of the human hand in moving the votes that were assigned to Biden through an algorithm.

Biden is therefore not the legitimate president of the United States and what is happening now in the various American states is confirming what had already emerged in November.

In America, there has been a massive operation both within the United States and beyond its national borders that led to the subversive establishment of an imposter president.

The coup against Trump had two sides: one domestic, the other international

The fraud has in fact had two applications. The first was the internal one that we have just seen in which thousands of fake cards were created out of thin air to shift the scale towards Joe Biden…

..It wasn’t enough. An even greater fraud was needed. This is where the international side of the coup comes into play.

It should be remembered that in the various US states the server that managed the electronic count is owned by the Canadian company Dominion. (It) is a company deeply linked to the men closest to the Democratic party, such as financial speculator George Soros and the Clintons’ foundation.

Something unprecedented happened in this election. This company managed the entire electoral process by replacing the electoral representatives of the various states who never even had access to modem passwords.

The elections were therefore privatized in some respects. But in order to be definitively successful, the fraud needed not only to create fake ballots for Biden, but had to shift a massive amount of votes from Trump to Biden.

Here Italy comes into play, which would have had a simply decisive role in allowing the operation to succeed….

How Trump averted a civil war and tricked the system

Now what many are legitimately wondering is why, if Trump was perfectly aware of what had happened, he did not intervene in the first instance to declare some sort of emergency state and declare the elections as illegal as the result of an extensive subversive operation perpetrated against. the president of the United States.

In other words, because the famous Kraken , the mythological monster metaphor often mentioned by the attorney close to Trump, Sidney Powell, was not released immediately…

…Trump in this way would have weakened the Biden administration by reducing it to the role of a puppet presidency, devoid of effective legitimacy and controlled by powers, such as those of the US military, which are still loyal to Trump.

This situation is very reminiscent of a prophecy, which in recent weeks is becoming popular among Trump supporters , made by Kim Clement, a South African singer and pastor who predicted the advent of Trump in the White House years before his candidacy. The prophecy in question concerns a kind of diarchy that at some point in history would have ruled the United States. (Previous post refers)

Trump is preparing the ground for new elections before 2024

..The president himself in his latest interview with Chanel Rion , a reporter for One America News, made it clear. “Something must be done before 2022”, while in a previous interview with Joe Pagliarulo , he said that Biden will in fact not be able to continue to govern because the recounts will inevitably show that he has lost.

Trump’s appearances and his statements against 2020 election fraud are increasing exponentially with the emergence of fraud in various states…

Timing accuracy is difficult, if not impossible, because you are in an unprecedented situation.

We are in fact in uncharted territory and everything is possible in the midst of this battle between the children of light and those of darkness.

The Rothschilds understand Trump’s strategy and are ready for anything

Cesare concludes:

…In the idea of ​​Freemasonry and the globalist cabal, it is the new Atlantis that somehow plays the leading role in the construction of the new Tower of Babel.

It is a clash that goes beyond the purely material boundaries to land in the spiritual field that helps to really understand what is happening in the world.

There is a passage in the Bible that helps to truly understand the historical moment that we are living and that is that of the Ephesians.

“ Our struggle is not against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against the authorities, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spiritual [forces] of wickedness that are in the heavenly places. “

As the ‘redde rationem’ appears to be approaching, it seems that light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. The other party has understood this perfectly and is ready to do anything to avoid its failure. Globalism is like a wounded animal. He is ready for any extreme action before he finally expires.

Anyone who has understood the nature of this clash, however, has nothing to fear. Either way, the light will win. The evil that is oppressing the world will be wiped out.

The time of the forces of evil is coming to an end.

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  1. Pomarie Richard,
    Thanks Tim Shey for putting us onto the “eye of the needle”, an Eye – opener.
    Absolutely crucial to understanding what went on in the elections in US.
    Praise the I AM.

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