Exposures continue: Cesare Sachetti on election fraud and Two Presidents prophecy of Kim Clement

BREAKING: Tim Shey over in Idaho has just added a fresh comment to Kim Clement Prophecies Now Fulfilled: Two Presidents – China’s New Kind of War…:

Richard: Here is a quote that I extracted from Cesare Sacchetti’s latest article on his blog The Eye of the Needle:

“Trump would thus de-empower the Biden administration by reducing it to the role of a puppet presidency, lacking effective legitimacy and controlled by powers, such as those of the American armed forces, which are still loyal to Trump.

“This situation closely resembles a prophecy that in recent weeks is depopulating among Trump supporters – made by Kim Clement, a South African singer and pastor who predicted Trump’s arrival in the White House years before his candidacy.

“The prophecy in question is about a kind of diarchy that at some point in history would rule the United States.

“Diarchy is defined as two presidents who govern at the same time in history and in the same country. A situation that seems to coincide perfectly with what is happening now in America, with Trump, possible covert commander-in-chief, and Joe Biden, the virtual president who doesn’t seem to actually be in office.”

It looks like Cesare Sacchetti has been listening to some of Kim Clement’s prophecies.

Click here to read [ESSENTIAL INSIGHTS – click link and select English translation!]

4 thoughts on “Exposures continue: Cesare Sachetti on election fraud and Two Presidents prophecy of Kim Clement

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  2. Here is an insight into part of a Kim Clement prophecy. “He (Trump) shall take a simple stone..” that would take down the giant. Some thought Roger Stone might apply, but I think not. In Gen. 38, Jacob, in his wrestling with God, used a stone for a pillow….The Stone is the Pillow….The Pillow-man (Mike Lindell) is the Stone for the Giant! (Credit to my friend Milton who runs Godtype.com for recognizing this.)

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