Update 2 on “something big with the military” prophecy: uncensored UK media headlines ‘backing election fraud claims’!!

As implied in Update 1 it seems the Lord directed my first action in assessing my top priority for blogging today as being to check attorney Sidney Powell’s Telegram. Her latest confirms which of the mass of material I’d mentally logged should be actioned:

It presents a different take on what I was aware of and had copied from an American source to my pc for likely use, but here Sidney was referring to one of the main media here in the UK. Moreover, upon checking the Daily Mail’s actual article its HEADLINE DOES NOT DENY the claim of electoral fraud in America’s Presidential election!

WOW! Do you grasp the enormous significance of this media admission?? And over here NOT in USA!!!

This article begins (click to read in full):

NEXT is Sidney’s item plus others on the election fraud NOW BLOWING UP

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