Bojo’s boffins get bashed again by real scientific data!

Continuing the previous post on ‘covert tactics’ used to induce national state of fear, I highly rate The Telegraph’s science editor Sarah Knapton, who reports last night:

‘Boris Johnson raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he suggested that the reduction in Covid infections, hospital admissions and deaths had not been achieved by the vaccination programme, with the lockdown doing “the bulk of the work”.

‘Thankfully, less than 24 hours later, science had proved the Prime Minister wrong.

‘New research from NHS England and the University of Manchester showed the stark difference in cases, admissions and deaths for elderly people who had been vaccinated compared to those who had not. In a large study involving more than 170,000 people, researchers had scrupulously case-matched participants to make sure the results were not skewed by underlying conditions, sex or geographical location.

‘The results show that far from having little impact, the rate of Covid-related hospital admissions fell by 75 per cent in vaccinated 80 to 83-year-olds within 35 to 41 days of their first dose of the Pfizer jab. The rate of people getting Covid dropped by 70 per cent, with the number of positive tests falling from 15.3 per 100,000 people to 4.6.

‘The authors conclude: “The nationwide vaccination of older adults in England with the [Pfizer] vaccine reduced the burden of Covid-19.”  (continue reading in-depth here)

Here’s an even more in-depth analysis of the official, UK government statistics:

5 thoughts on “Bojo’s boffins get bashed again by real scientific data!

  1. These reports are based entirely on objective data. Really well worth listening to and / or reading. Facts and Facts and you rarely get these in the media. At the end of the report the author asks what are you going to do about it? For me, prayer is first, second I believe and continue to believe our God will act to end the lies, depict and injustice, third a small donation for them to allow to continue their excellent research and finally (but the least effective) another e-mail to my MP.

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  2. Hi Richard I normally agree with what you post- & it’s often been very helpful & encouraging but this post on how good the vaccination programme has been is based I believe on lies once again. UK column news is very helpful in getting facts on all of this, as is “ coronavirus vaccine weekly yellow card reporting of adverse side effects… a govt website…scroll down to 4.conclusion then down to vaccine analysis profile for each vaccine- there are 66 pages of adverse effects- the week I looked at had 265 deaths and also strokes, deafness , blindness and neurological disorders… there were 11 cases of Guillian Barre Syndrome in one week – a paralysing condition that can be life threatening. For example, a healthy 58 yr old man developed this 2 weeks after the vaccine. Neurologists confirmed the link with the vaccine….A nurse has quit her job saying hospital admissions have shot up post vaccination but they can lose their jobs if they talk about it…. You’ll find the truth to be staggering. These “ vaccines” are very dangerous May God guide you Yours in Him Esther PS the numbers are dropping because there are always less viruses at this time of year. The tests pick up any virus- totally non specific- used to scare people into taking the experimental “vaccine”

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  3. I too am very concerned about the vaccines. In fact they are not vaccines in the normal sense of the word, but look more like gene therapy. The idea of getting healthy cells to express viral proteins strikes me as being an extremely bad and dangerous idea.

    Something that concerns me is that there were a lot of death supposedly from covid at the start of this year. These are deaths within 28 days of a positive test, which is meaningless when there is mass testing. The shape of the graphs of deaths does not correlate with the shape of the graph of 111 triages for covid symptoms. This is suspicious. The deaths were mostly older people.

    My hypothesis is that it was the vaccine that caused this peak of deaths of older people and those with serious underlying heath conditions. It is likely that these deaths were not recorded as covid deaths if the people had been vaccinated in order to turn suspicion away from the ‘vaccine’ and to prevent the vaccine from looking useless. This sleight of hand in the data would be enough to produce the above graph.

    If this hypothesis is correct, then the obvious question is why are there fewer deaths than normal at the moment (about 2000 a week less – as of the end of March). This is easy to explain: those who were close to the end of their lives have already died. The deaths have been displaced. Although the vaccine is killing younger people, it is not in such large numbers.

    However, I fear that without intervention from God we will large numbers of deaths in the coming autumn and winter with the next respiratory virus season. There has been talk of covid21. It looks like the ‘vaccine’ is covid21: the plan is to blame the deaths on a deadly new virus.

    What is going on at the moment is truly evil. The evil is coming at us from so many fronts at once that it is impossible for one person to keep track of all of them. The evil includes human trafficking, rape, abuse and ritual murder of children, devil worship, cannibalism, all kinds of sexual perversions, what is taught to children in our schools, all the lies behind covid and the deliberate terrifying of a population (masks are part of this),lockdowns, the deliberate destruction of economies, the lies of global warming (my Bible tells me very clearly that this is not true), the corruption of medicine, abuse of technology of many different kinds from biology, to the internet, to surveillance technologies, to weapons, to nano technology, the abuse of psychology to manipulate and control populations, the corruption of science and control of scientific publications, control of the media, vicious censorship of truth. I am sure this is not an exhaustive list.

    Richard, I agree that you are not able to watch what is going on regarding covid (and other areas) as well as the very good work you have done in other areas. This does have to be a joint effort.

    I like the article about the lies we have been and are being told. I confirms what I have been trying to tell people for the last year.


    • Sadly I fear you may be right about the vaccine causing a spike in deaths. I didn’t think it was true to start with, but it seems that a similar pattern is emerging across the world. I do think that it’s important to point out that there is no proof of the cause, but the correlation is worrying. Not a Christian article – just graphs and comment: I keep needing to remind myself that we don’t fight against flesh and blood, and that our weapons need to be spiritual and/or used in obedience to the Spirit. I was very struck by a previous article on this site (?Nov 2019) about the Jezebel spirit causing Isolation, despair, exhaustion – a good description of covid and the lockdown response.


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