Great unveiling of evil – Suez Canal ‘birthing’ – dagon toppled – motorcade celebration – Donna Rigney and Timothy Dixon

I’m grateful to Chris Moyler for kindly sharing his valuable close-transcript with time-points for this blog from his Fbk entry, in which he introduces Steve Schultz’s interview of Donna Rigney. One matter relates to my personal experience, as told in the footnote. Emphases in bold-face are mine as led; please listen for the nuances:

Dear Friends, …this word from Donna Rigney is truly something very special, so it cannot wait!
And I believe that it is no accident that it has come to us at this very special time of Passover/Easter. 
This word is so massively encouraging, I simply couldn’t put off sharing it!
The LORD is now about to birth EVERYTHING that his true prophets have spoken to us.
A messy, deeply shocking, and very painful birthing of The LORD’S GREAT REVIVAL is now upon us.
There will be no more delay!
After the extreme disappointment of the Cross, came the glory of the resurrection!
The prophets said that the LORD would bring this birthing, and we will now see it with our own eyes.
It will be SO HUGE, the entire world will see it!!
It’s a whole hour long. Please don’t skip any part of it.
If you want it faster, you can play it at 2x speed with captions, by adjusting the YouTube settings behind the 3 dots.
Be very blessed!
Chris xxx


Donna Rigney (D) with Steve Shultz (ST) on Elijah Streams, 2nd April 2021

7:00 ST – God’s people will be protected in the times ahead, and we are not to be in fear?

7:15 D – God showed me an enormous tsunami of change that is coming. I walked in it with Him. For those rooted in me, it will only bring GOOD to them. But for those opposed to me, it will bring destruction and devastation.

7:45  Donna was given a revelation on March 27. In the last few months, the LORD has been giving revelation on a regular basis, almost every day.

8;15  The Father and Jesus came to me together and took me quickly in the Spirit to a mountain, as they often do when they want to look over the US or even the world. I call it the Mountain of Intimacy. They were very serious.

8:45  The Glory of God fell on me so strong that my whole body started trembling in his presence, and I was weeping as he began to show me things.

9:00  As I looked down, I saw a lot of chaos in the US. I saw people with buckets of ice water, throwing them in the faces of others, and they were completely shocked:

9:20  The LORD said, “The time that your Nation has been in has been like a woman in heavy, labour. “ ie the last very difficult 12-18 months.

9:50  “Now, you will enter the birthing. It has been as necessary for this time of labour, as it is for a woman who is going to give birth. It’s Justice! The enemy has tried to abort this. What is being birthed is the child of Revival. Once this child is birthed, there will be such great joy, you will almost forget the pain.”

10:30  “There will be a Great Celebration and a Great Rejoicing. But before that happens, this birthing process will be very chaotic, just as it is in a natural childbirth.

11:00  ““During this time of birthing, there will be a great unveiling of what has been going on. EVIL will be seen as evil, and GOOD will be seen as good. Leaders that were believed and emulated and looked up to as heroes, will be shown to be NOT what the people thought that they were.”


11:25  ST – People in Government and the Church? World Leaders?

D – ALL of the above. Government, Hollywood Stars, Athletes, Church leaders. The unveiling will be across the board. The ONLY thing that will hide this evil from my all-seeing eyes is the blood of my Son. An UNVEILING of WICKEDNESS. We will see things as they really are.

12:20  The birthing of revival is the coming of the Glory. Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH and the LIFE. When HE comes, TRUTH is going to be poured out, all over the land. Things that we THOUGHT were true, we will discover that they were NOT what we thought!

12:40  Things that were portrayed on the News: we will find out that NONE of it was true!  And things that were portrayed as good, we will find out that they were evil!

12:55  ST – I have a real strong respect for pastors across the Nation, and I believe that most of them are walking with God, but in what detail are you seeing this?

13:30  D – During this visitation, which lasted quite a while, the Lord reminded me of his entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. He immediately goes to the Temple. What he was most upset with was that his Father’s House was meant to be a place of prayer, but it had become a place for robbers and thieves.

14:15  THEY MADE CHURCH A BUSINESS! And the LORD is very upset that many times we make Church a Business! They made money out of the people, tainting the offerings of the people. And in THIS HOUR, instead of the ministers speaking the truth, speaking against sin, and everything that has been going on in the world, and NOT addressing them, they are afraid of losing their congregations.

15:15  Instead of speaking out against abortion and homosexuality and other sins, some pastors are pro abortion, homosexuality, etc. Because they are afraid of losing their offerings, they turn the Church into a BUSINESS!

15:40  They have stopped being a representative of God, speaking his truth to the people. The worship has become unholy and polluted.

16:05  This is THE HOUR when people need to repent because, if we have been doing that, even in a small degree, we have been coming under the Devil’s agenda. We need to come under the Blood, because this GREAT UNVEILING will be upon us VERY VERY SOON!

16:25  ST – That is very sobering. The LORD has told me for years that either a pastor’s wife, or because of a pastor’s affair, abortions have happened. And because these sins have been covered up, they became pro abortion, when they should have come clean. They need to put this under the blood

17:30  God is coming to reveal wickedness, so this is a WARNING word to deal with wickedness RIGHT NOW.

17:45  D – Yes, because those sins that are not under the blood, both personal and corporate, will be exposed.

18:10  On Saturday I called the congregation to repent of all of their sins, and all of their ancestor’s sins, all the way back to Adam. Sins against children. Abortion. Sexual perversion. Homosexuality. Lying. Witchcraft. Idolatry. We put all of those under the blood, and we broke any curses that came into our lives as a result of those sins eg curses of poverty and lack.

19:00  Our sins bring curses into our lives, and they stop God from blessing us. They give permission to Satan to hurt us.

19:15  ST – Last weekend I spoke about the LORD’s table, in 1Cor11, where some Christians ate rich food in front of their brothers who were poor. We would call that insensitive, but the LORD says that  it sends you to death ie “Many among you are weak and sick, and some have died. (v 30)

20:25  Paul then goes on say that if he has not love, he is NOTHING! That is a frightening thing!

20:40  D – We are going to be judged on loving God and loving our neighbour, as we want to be loved.


21:10  After I had this dream/encounter with the LORD, he also showed me people who had masking tape over their eyes, and the tape was ripped off. In the same way, when the TRUTH comes, it will be shocking, startling and painful.

21:45  And He said, “What I am asking you to do in this hour, is to comfort those who believe evil is good. I’ve tried to let people know what was the Truth, but they wouldn’t listen to those whom I sent to them.

22:05  “When the shock does come, I want you to help them, comfort them, and don’t say, “I told you so,” but let the Holy Spirit give you words that will help them.” And He said to me, “Your assignment will be to lead them to forgive, because they are going to be VERY ANGRY!”

22:30  When people find out that their loved ones died, as the result of the decisions of wicked leaders over us, that their DEATHS were unnecessary, that they died because of a political agenda, they are going to be really really really ANGRY!

22:55  Some people are already, because they realise this, but they will be much more so.
When the truth is revealed, when people see what has really been going on, I am asking my children to help people to FORGIVE; because bitterness and hatred will destroy them

23:15  We will need to help people to see that these leaders were used by the enemy to bring destruction and deception. We need to help them to pray for their souls that they would repent, and to forgive them from the heart. That is our ASSIGNMENT when this GREAT UNVEILING of WICKEDNESS takes place.

23:30  ST – Donna, because these visitations have increased, and because of the soberness of the Father’s tone (Robin Bullock has had a similar revelation), does this indicate to you that this event is close?

23:55  D – YES! Absolutely! It is like a mother getting ready to give birth. It’s VERY SOON. At the moment, it is like the period after the crucifixion, when people were upset, fearful and doubtful and without hope, saying, “It’s all over.” – we have been going through a time like this for months.

24:45  But then, all of a sudden, came the resurrection, when all hope was restored! TRUTH has to come! Once this truth comes, you will once again be ONE NATION UNDER GOD! This TRUTH will bring a great UNIFICATION of the USA.

25:10  ST – Thinking of the pain of tape being pulled off your eyes, will this unveiling be much, much, much worse than people think right now? Is the evil far worse than anyone knows?


25:30  D – Yes, the LORD told me that. He said, “Even you, who have seen what is going on, who think you know what is going on – it is EVEN WORSE than you imagine. But at least you won’t be completely shocked, like those who believed everything they heard. They thought evil was good and good was evil. They will be completely shocked, but as for My children, who know some of what has been going on, the evil will be EVEN GREATER than they could imagine.”

26:05  “It is not My way to shock people like this – to have the tape suddenly ripped off like this. But at this point, it is so necessary for this evil to stop, and for this TURN-AROUND to happen. This is My ONLY choice, at this point.” Many of us have not listened to what He has been trying to tell us through his messengers.

26:30  ST – Jesus kept saying that the rulers were hypocrites, but the disciples had no idea how evil their leaders were about to be, by destroying their Master. What we are presently in is like that, isn’t it? (D says YES) One the one hand, I am not looking forward to this, but it is like a boil that must be lanced.

27:25  D – Yes, the LORD says that it is absolutely necessary.


27:30  And now I will share another visitation, when the LORD spoke to me about the ship that was blocking the SUEZ Canal. That ship is a prophetic picture of the enemy trying to stop the CHILD OF REVIVAL from being birthed.

27:55  In the past He has told me, “No one and nothing is going to stop what I am about to do. This revival is going to break out; this child will be birthed.”

28:10  Behind that ship, almost 300 other ships were kept from bringing provision to the nations. The enemy is trying to stop this birthing of revival, stop TRUMP getting back in rightfully, godly leaders from being put in place, healings and miracles from happening, cures for different diseases from coming forth, inventions from coming forth, restoration of finances, businesses being restored, and relationships being restored.

28:50  But just as God enabled the ship to be freed, he will not allow the enemy to stop the birthing of REVIVAL, and the multiple provisions coming to the people.

29:20  The LORD has said that TRUMP will get in, and he will. He said that wicked rulers will be taken down, and they will. No matter what the enemy tries to stop, God is bigger! The ship is a picture of this.

29:40  ST – You are the first prophet to use this picture of the birth canal. That’s AMAZING! The Evergreen was like a breech-birth that had to be unstuck. WOW!

30:20  D – So you can see why the enemy is trying to stop the birthing of revival. This is because of all the good things that are going to come to the earth THROUGH that revival.

TRUMP will be restored. Righteousness will be restored to our land. We will have revival in our churches. The GLORY will be poured out in our churches. There will be dancing in the streets, and convocations of worship all over the place. This is what the enemy is trying so hard to stop.

31:05  The birthing of revival will be MESSY and TOPSY-TURVY, but that CHAOS WILL NOT LAST LONG. When a mother gives birth, the hours seem very long. But when it is over, it doesn’t seem so long. He said, “The birthing won’t last that long.”

31:30  ST – A lot of people are saying that it is taking forever for TRUMP to come back, as prophesied. But when they look back, they will see that a whole world-changing event took place very, very fast!

32:05  D – Exactly! But the LORD hasn’t told me when. I looked up when most births take place in the US, and it is July/August. I had hoped that it was April.

33:00  ST – We’ve already had the Red Sea metaphor, and now this birthing metaphor at Passover. If God is not doing it now, he is certainly shouting from the mountain tops what it is that he wants people to know right now.

33:35  D – The LORD gave me a warning, at the end of the revelation. He said that what we need to do, more than anything else, is to hold onto our faith in Him, his WORD, and his promises to us – the RHEMA words that he has given us.

34:05  An army did not stop Israel from getting across the Red Sea, and the Red Sea itself didn’t stop them from going into the Promised Land; it was their UNBELIEF. Once they got through the Red Sea, it was unbelief that fuelled their complaining, murmuring, disobedience and rebellion.

34:30  They FORGOT what God did for them, in dividing the Red Sea. “In this hour, it is SO IMPORTANT for my children to believe in Me, and to have faith that I am bigger than the enemy – that the enemy WILL NOT STOP ME from accomplishing that which I am going to do for your individually and nationally. What I have said, I will do.”

35:00  I believe that He is saying, “Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Listen to what I am saying, and not to what the enemy is lying.”  Feed faith, which comes by hearing, and hearing by the word. He has given powerful words through his prophets, in this hour. That’s why you have this platform Steve.

35:20  He is using this to fuel faith in people: we receive what we believe. God’s will was that they entered the Promised Land, but it took 40 years, because of their unbelief! God doesn’t want any delays. He wants us to receive ALL the blessings He has for us, which is WHY He has sent so many prophets to encourage people.

35:50  After the Red Sea, the people rejoiced with Miriam, but they didn’t hang on to it; they started listening with itchy years to their brothers and sisters complaining. So WE have to shut our ears to the lies of the enemy, and keep our focus on the LORD.

36:00  ST – I have taught on this several time. The people had seen  the Red Sea deliverance, but at Massah and Meribah, when they came upon bitter waters they said, “Is God with us or not?” And that is why God was angry with that generation for 40 years.

37:10  D – Yes, the enemy knows that unbelief will defeat us, so is trying to rob us of our faith that what God has said, He will do. When we start expressing doubt to one another, that is not pleasing to God. The Israelites did not reflect on the many things that God had done for them already. So meditate on the Word and spend time in it.

38:15  ST – Even President Trump said, before his first election, “What have you got to lose, if you believe me right now? What are the alternatives?” The alternative is DOUBT and UNBELIEF, and all the judgements that would come to you through that. It’s a CHOICE to believe God’s words, it’s not a FEELING.

38:50  D – As we meditate on the Word, and the Holy Spirit causes the Word to come alive to us, we will see how BIG God is- what his heart, plan and will are. To meditate is like chewing long and slow on a nice piece of steak, to get all of the flavour and aroma, rather than just gulping it down. If something touches your heart, when reading the Word, stay there and chew on it, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister God’s truth to you.

39:50  ST – Over these five months, I have wondered whether we got it right, is all this coming true? But when I get my faith together, when I meditate on different things the prophets have said, I think, “Yeah, it must be true. So I’m going to believe what Kat said. If Kat and Donna have that kind of relationship with you, and you’ve taken them and shown them, I am going to choose to believe what they have shared. That’s why God gives these experiences to Donna, Kat, and all of the others.”

40:45  So I really want to encourage people, when you spend time with the LORD-  to chew on the Scriptures, chew on what the prophets have said, because they are the modern day voice of God. When you don’t hear God for yourself, God gave you prophets so you do hear God for yourself- both through what He speaks to you, and what He speaks through the prophets that He sent to you. They are both valid.

41:25  D – Today, the LORD showed me Biden tripping up the stairs, and he brought me to 1 Sam 4 & 5, when the Philistines defeated Israel, and they captured the Ark of the Covenant. They put the Ark in their Temple to Dagon, but all the people saw that the idol of Dagon had fallen over. They righted it, but it fell over again, breaking off the head and hands. Then after that, plagues broke out. Eventually they sent the Ark back, because they knew that they were being cursed by God, because of the Ark.

42:50  And the LORD said to me, “Disillusioned and disappointed by people who they once trusted, and even bowed their knees before, they will run into my waiting arms.” What the LORD is saying that once we see all this wickedness exposed, and people that we worshipped and idolized i.e. Hollywood stars and political figures, different ones that we thought were the cat’s mieow, we will be disillusioned and disappointed.

43:30  As Dagon fell before the people, and the people saw the downfall of a wicked idol, this is happening IN THIS HOUR! Biden’s fall is symbolic of the coming downfall. But the COMING DOWNFALL will not be symbolic – it will be the reality of a wicked agenda exposed, rejected and spurned.

44:25  The breaking of of Dagon’s head and hands represent the REMOVAL of his authority and works. That which this present WICKED administration is presently doing, the works which they are presently doing, will be stripped from them, and their authority taken away. Just as the statue of Dagon was turned over, there will be a great turning over of all this wickedness.

45:05  The same thing happened with the wicked rulers of Israel, Ahab and Jezebel. Jehu comes and she is thrown down from a window. All that is left of her is her head and her hands. The wicked rulers are coming down, and the things that they have been doing are going to be exposed, their authority stripped from them, and the works that they have accomplished, stripped from them.

45:50  ST – Sometimes, God protects leaders from terribly embarrassing situations, God protects their dignity. But when Biden falls THREE times, you can see with your own eyes that God has removed his protection, or he would not allow him to be humiliated like that. Prophets are able to look at the natural and understand God speaking through it.

47:30  But the same person who has compassion on Biden’s fall, gets back on the microphone and curses Trump. As if to say,“Did you not learn anything from that fall, Mr Biden? Did you not learn that God is withdrawing from you? But instead of learning, you double down and get arrogant, and bring in more unrighteous laws. That’s how you hear God’s voice.

48:00  D –  And what we have to do in all of this is to pray for their souls, because all this has to stop. There has to be a removal of this wicked agenda, this wicked administration. And the people behind it, that the enemy is using- we need to pray for their souls. Pray that they repent, that they turn from their wickedness, and that they make it to Heaven.


48:35  The same night as the ‘buckets of ice water’ visitation, my husband has a dream. My husband doesn’t have dreams, but years ago, he had a dream about hunting a deer, and it happened in real life, exactly as he saw it in his dream. Donna describes this, and its significance.

50:20  ST – Now you have my attention, because I know he can dream in detail!

50:20  D – Exactly! He saw an armoured battalion of tanks etc entering Washington, going down Pennsylvania Avenue, towards the Capitol building, the White House, and the Supreme Court – a long line of vehicles. They divided into three sections. Army personnel went into the three buildings. They brought out the secret servicemen and the guards, who all put down their weapons and surrendered. Then TOGETHER they all went back into those three buildings to get whatever they had come for. Then my husband woke up.

51:45  It is too coincidental that I have this revelation about this coming chaos, and my husband has this dream during the same night.

52:25  ST – This is not the first time that we have had prophetic words like this on Elijah List. We have minimised words about the Military taking temporary control of the Nation, but that is what your husband is seeing. They will arrest the evildoers and wrongdoers, which is what I understand the Constitution requires the military to do, in order to restore lawful government.

53:10  So your level of confidence is that you believe your husband’s dream to be true?

53:20  D – Yes, I do! I believe it, because I know my husband. When he sees something, he is accurate. He is a very stable Christian, who has a lot of wisdom. If he says something, I can bank on it. This one of the ways that the exposing of evil is going to come about.

54:00  ST – So, when we all see this with our natural eyes on the news, the attitude to have is: God said this would happen. It IS happening. REJOICE and be EXCEEDINGLY GLAD, because we know that GOD is in control! When the military is in control, know that God is in control, because He told us this was going to happen.

54:35  D – Yes, this will be the birthing of that REVIVAL! Picture the ship being moved out of the way. Now all that provision can come through! All the ways in which God wants to bless the world, will now be able to happen! It will be difficult and disruptive for a while, but it is going to be worth it.

Prayer of blessing.


Chris adds this comment of a note from listening to Timothy Dixon’s broadcast of 5th April and who states, “I fear the Lord Jesus Christ, and I fear the Lord Almighty and what He can do to me if I fail to speak His word”:

23:45. “I saw the greatest celebration, a parade downtown Washington DC, a massive crowd and a motorcade. President Trump was in the motorcade, and his power was restored…It was sooner than I thought!
“An official came out, who had power and authority, even over the Supreme Court, and he carried a wood case. The case looked old, and the man took a mantle from it, and he put it around President Trump.
“I restore to you what you laid down, and laid aside, for a time.”
Timothy Dixon
RB’s Notes:
  • Donna’s husband’s dream may connect into US military still in charge… and What is really taking Place? Obviously NOT what they told us… (The Marshall Report)
  • In my deliverance training over 20 years ago a counsellee, who seemed at ease at the close of prayer-ministry, suddenly started prowling around on all fours. The lead-minister and I sat back and I heard “1 Samuel 5”. So I looked it up and knew to read the first four verses out aloud. The young sister stopped in her tracks and watched transfixed as she saw a vision. In awe, she told us she was seeing the Lord trash a temple where children had been sacrificed by her ancestors!
  • Therefore, I fully understand and agree with Donna’s explanation of that idol.
  • It will apply to the uttermost wickedness of paedophelia and child trafficking  practised by many people in high positions. It is reported that some politicians  have already been arrested and placed in ‘Gitmo’ awaiting military trial.

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