“We can’t play into the hands of these people;” President Trump – The Marshall Report

Who is really running the nation right now? Biden can barely look at the camera for a few minutes without nodding off. He is incoherent and doesn’t know what he is even being asked. So who is preparing his executive orders, and telling him what to do next? Is it a committee? A few people, or one?   […click link to continue reading… ]  “We Can’t Play Into The Hands of These People.” PRESIDENT TRUMP


7 thoughts on ““We can’t play into the hands of these people;” President Trump – The Marshall Report

    • Much of the (established) church has been far from silent on the vaccines, being advocates for them – in some cases, enthusiastically. Once again, in its rush to appear “relevant” the church risks becoming nothing more than another group of “useful idiots” acting as propaganda mouthpieces for the world – and rather second-rate ones, at that.

      However I am wary of Dianne Marshall herself. She has made a number of failed predictions, in each case smoothly moving onto another prediction. Also she sometimes makes claims about photos and videos which are patently untrue.


      • Much as I highly regard for Dianne’s work Joe, I don’t regard it as being infallible, which applies to each of us of course, but I honour her being a sister in the Lord and, unlike many others, her site is quick and easy to share here. If things are untrue then you could challenge her direct with a full explanation.


        • I tried commenting but was shouted down.

          Don’t get me wrong – I agree with both the fact and the nature of the war which is underway. But it is totally unhelpful when there is poor quality control as it undermines credibility and provides ammunition for naysayers. It is hard enough to know if you are really hearing from God. If someone cannot even make the much more basic and simple factchecks on mundane material then I am not sure I am so willing to trust their due diligence on outright prophesy.

          Similarly another prophet promised to go quiet for a few months of prayer if Trump was not reconfirmed on 20th January, but has carried on nonetheless. It is a basic failure of integrity which is, again, unhelpful – especially if it reveals an addiction to being heard.


          • Am sorry to learn of that Joe and I too encounter odd-balls in comments; as well as on Fb where only this morning I’ve responded to somebody who, like you, has very valid points but insists on firing them in a salvo – and won’t consider another’s viewpoint!

            You’re no doubt referring to Veronika but am sure that addiction doesn’t apply. In my contact with our sister I know she knows she’s being led by and hearing clearly from the Lord – and therefore cannot repudiate and deny what He gives. Problem is that we see only in part and in His wisdom keeps things from us – and we need to allow for human and demonic reaction and interplay – as well as timing!

            The Lord, however, in His sovereignty plays His hand accordingly. In my opinion therefore, prophecy needs to recognise and allow for such variability in achieving His desired outcome.


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