May I have your help please?

A HUGE personal thank you to each and everyone who’s taken the time to express their appreciation of my blogging.

You may have realised from a few remarks that, as well as the myriad secular and prophetical news, I’m now inundated with  comments, messages and emails – still nearly 200 unopened since New Year, but I’ve been dealing with personal ones as soon as my schedule permits.

Therefore, the only way I can organise writing blogs or correspondance at this desk’s pc is in specific slices of time inserted between our daily activities. Thursday is my full on, ‘do-not-disturb’ day which is used for ‘unblogging the bwane‘ before our long weekend.  

AS mentioned previously, this means I’m unable to watch or listen to any media other than a VERY FEW BRIEF items (speed-reading’s faster and more time-efficient!)


A number of active supporters of my blogging are keen to share what they’ve watched or heard. I’m grateful to Chris Moyler for his regular succinct, introductory overviews of recommended items. Therefore and similarly…

Please provide BRIEF TEXTUAL SYNOPSIS for anything which does not have an explicit title describing the recording’s content – otherwise I won’t watch ’til who knows when (lots in ‘watch later’)?

3 thoughts on “May I have your help please?

  1. Hi Richard I also want to say thank you very much for these emails as they encourage me to keep on praying and contending for the right outcome for USA and give up the alternative, hidden news I need to know about to persevere. You are a real blessing to the body of Christ Yours in Him Esther Dudley (UK)

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  2. Thank you Richard,
    I enjoy your website but don’t want to put you under enormous stress. I know you take the time to respond to every comment but don’t feel you need to. I have also been concerned in recent days in light of developments in the US that some of the content could see you banned by various Tech companies or some other penalty so please be careful. I have also read this week of Christian prophets getting very unpleasant death threats so we also need to be wary of that as well.

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